Thursday , July 29 2021

The Queen sends SASSY note to the chief after finding the dead SLUG at the Royal Dinner | News

Queen Isabel II is known for being a healthy dining room that has opted for seasonal foods only and, although nothing says "organic" as a slimy slice that chomping through a salad, her majesty found a way to make fun of the cook to climb. The queen, the queen plucked a page from a commentary book used to convey their satisfaction – or disapproval – of a plate for the kitchen equipment and placed the dead beard in it. Next to the neglected discovery, the Queen wrote "I found this in the salad – could he eat?" Reported Daily Mail's Weekend.

Her Majesty selects her meals from a red leather book that is prepared by her royal boss.

She then marks your options, adding suggestions and crossing everything she does not want.

Darren McGrady, a former royal chef who worked in the palaces for 15 years, confirmed the monarch's disdain for non-organic food this summer, and said he would reject any dish with food out of season.

He said: "Try to include strawberries in the menu in January and she will rub the line and say that they do not dare to send me genetically modified strawberries.

"She absolutely eats seasonal".

Mr. McGrady added that the Queen usually "eats to live" chooses healthy and clean dishes, such as steamed fish or grilled vegetables.

He says that the Monarch begins his day with a tea cup Darjeeling and a program of today's Radio 4's.

For breakfast, she has an incline for all British classics, including cereals, yogurt and marmalade with toasted bread.

When the time comes for lunch in the afternoon, usually at 4 in the morning, the sandwiches of his majesty with a humble and modest tea are filled with sandwiches, without corks and cakes.

According to Mr. McGrady, his favorite dish is a cake of chocolate cookies that "will take a small portion every day until eventually there is only one small piece, but you have to send it."

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