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The Walking Dead & # 39 ;: Rick left and it's time to press the Reset button – again


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in "The Walking Dead." (Gene Page / AMC)

Alert of allergies: This article discusses what happened in the Sunday episode of "The Walking Dead."

Although many of us gave up on AMC's "The Walking Dead", they gave an average of 5 million viewers in the last year (they are not afraid, it still attracts more than 7 million every week, while being the most valued by the drama cable from afar ), the Sunday night episode offered a good chance to return for an hour and witness the emotional outcome of his main character, Rick Grimes.

Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, has survived eighth seasons in an epic, often overly violent, epic episode that began from his perspective: he was a deputy of the wounded sheriff in Georgia who woke up from a coma in a hospital that had been abandoned during an outbreak sudden zombie

Initially they met with his wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), son Carl (Chandler Riggs) and his partner Shane (Jon Bernthal), Rick became the de facto boss of a band of survivors who moved slowly from the megalopolis of Atlanta offering infinite of zombies). Many more arduous seasons later, the Rick group opened its way to northern Virginia in an apparently desperate search for security and safety between stressful group dynamics and deadly conflicts with packages of other humans.

No character in this show can ever guarantee a permanent stay, regardless of what happened to comic book characters "The Walking Dead", they were all based on: Shane became a zombie and was killed; Lori died many seasons ago, leaving Rick with a child's daughter, Judith. Even Carl, who had gone from being the mandatory discomfort of the show to one of his most noble citizens, took his own life last year after a zombie killed him.

Countless other friends arrived were eaten, killed, beaten to a pulp. Along the way, Rick changed. Violence and loss gained attention, and his heroism marked against all this self-preservation. Thanks to too many violent encounters with life, the package leader discovered his own inner monster, as well as the potential to be a just tyrant. Rick lost himself in the growing abyss of the post-zombie world of moral choice and the viewers stopped worrying about the zombies. The spectacle was that humans were treated terribly, without end in sight.

It was this aspect of the program – no end in sight – that it effectively keeps tuned concert fans, while the rest of us are slowly changing, which has become very tense with the environment in which to circulate to continue. "The Walking Dead" is a concert for the era of video games – restore and reorganize players without any hope of true conclusion. It offers no narrative reward for your investment in time, in addition to the ongoing offer to keep moving forward.

Sunday's episode saw Rick fled from the zombies once more, pulling himself out of the rod of rodents on which he was accidentally impaled on last week, and then hallucinating his way through some settings and flashback encounters that have defined the show since it was released in 2010

He visited with dead characters (Shane de Bernthal, the late Hershel of Scott Wilson, Sasha de Sonequa Martin-Green), each hinting Rick back to consciousness, where, in a final scene, a bridge broke out that sent dozens of flaming zombies at a fast speed-moving river.

Despite the insistence of AMC and actor Lincoln that this is the end of Rick, he was frequently found under a character called Anne (he does not ask me, I went to other 500 television programs) who summoned a helicopter (!) That recovered To Rick, he tended his wounds and flew along the horizon. If that is the last thing we see from Rick Grimes, then I'll eat someone's arm.

Rick or not Rick, "The Walking Dead" thrives by its own intensity, throwing producers and showrunners whenever necessary. The performance is still often quite convincing and emotionally clear; a tone that Lincoln helped define. The rhythm can not be argued, particularly the very interesting way in which the show builds scenes from stairs around the inaccessible commercial cable breaks. There is a good reason for many people to see the program (and why it still requires its own cataract hourly rest, called "The Talking Dead"). It still offers a simple formula.

This was true on Sunday, when the attraction offered to us (the departure of Rick), his thunder was stolen by a last-minute movement that seemed to be an open invitation so that lost fanatics could believe again. In the final scene of the episode, the timeline of the program moved forward six years ago, where a group of humans were rescued from a zombie attack on the part of a pistol attacker called "called boy." . . Judith Grimes.

It is the simplest type of emotional symmetry, providing the program with an opportunity to press this reset button and attract the hordes of "Walking Dead" zomb. I mean, viewers towards the aroma of the other reset.

The dead walkers(one hour) air on Sundays at 9 in the morning. in AMC, followed by "The Talking Dead".

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