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Tweets About Idris Elba, the sexiest man in the title of Alive, shows that everyone is more than happy with the election


Idris Elba was crowned as PeopleThe Sexiest Man Alive for 2018 and based solely on reactions on Twitter, people are more than satisfied with the choice. In fact, there were so many tweets about Idris Elba PeopleThe most sexy man in Man Alive honors your difficulty in finding anyone who was not inside Peoplethe choice.

The exciting news advertised The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in which the official cover was released. The host Jimmy Fallon was also able to test the female sex of Elba, as he asked him to do his best sweet and sweet appearance (which he came, of course). Of course, the actor also discussed the honor in the last number of People, where he talked about what he felt to receive the special title. He said,

"I was like:" Come in anyway. Really "He looked in the mirror, made me see. I went like:" Yes, you are sexy today. "But to be honest, it was just a good feeling. It was a good surprise: a safe ego impulse."

But what does everyone have to say about the reigning Sexiest Man Alive? Well, as always, Twitter had some thoughts.

Everything in Agreement

As a Twitter user said, everyone agrees that Elba was the best choice for Peoplethe sexiest man of man. So at least everyone can agree on one thing.

Bring it back The Office

Another person has posted a specific GIF since the time of Elba The Office (in which he played Charles Miner) to make jokes about the possible reaction of the actor to this last honor. You can see your character saying: "I am aware of the effect I have on women." Yes, or use A + GIF here.

"We know"

Many joked that people knew for a long time that Elba deserved the title of the sexiest man and that People It's just playing a little catch-up.

Gotta Buy People

If the answer to Elba's election on Twitter is any indication, there are many who probably die by taking their hands in a copy People right now.


Another user jokes about how Elba's victory this year (after Blake Shelton won the title last year, Twitter was not feeling exactly) it really gives them hope that things go well for Election Day.

A straight fact

A user said that it is a "fact" that Elba is the sexiest man in man, and honestly, there are no lies detected there.


Yes, we all know for a long time now that Elba definitely deserved its title.

Everyone can agree

Just to be clear, everyone can agree on this option, because it comes, it is Idris Elba.

There is no room for misguided opinions

As a Twitter user chances, if you do not agree PeopleChoose, forgiveness, but you're wrong.

I'm not angry about that, at all

So many were so happy to see Elba nab the sexiest title of the Home Alive, since it fits most in the bill.

It's obvious that Twitter was excited to see winning one of their favorites Peoplethe sexiest title of the live man. Given that this is what everyone here talks about Elba, can you even blame them for their emotion?

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