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Fallout 76: update of perspectives, repair of kits (at the Atomic Store) and "millions of players" despite many problems

The eighth update of Fallout 76 will be released on April 9. With this update of the Wild Appalachia series, the mission "The Misery Lowe" is introduced. In addition, adjustments are made to the merchant factions and the adjustments of the turrets (details). The articles can be renamed soon.

The mendiable Lowe: "This new line of searches is full of secrets, scams and rumors about a wild Cryptidae in the desert, whose confirmed details are few, but we know that a woman named Susan is the key to the truth. She is looking for her brother Calvino, who has disappeared before the Great War, and judge of the posters that keeps hanging from the mythical "Sheepsquatch" could be responsible – a fabulous one in Wadi, West Virginia. It should terrify. "

A little later after the update, 8 repair kits will be installed, with which weapons and other equipment can be repaired in the way. Repair kits will be available in two versions: a simple repair kit and an improved repair kit. They can not be discarded, sold or traded with other players. You can also buy simple repair kits for real money at the Atom Store.

  • Simple repair kits: Simple repair kits are disposable consumables that will bring you one of the elements of your inventory 100% immediately, so that while you have a repair kit with you, you can request a device at any time and anywhere without manufacturing materials. Open the use of your Pip Boy, first select the object to repair, then "Browse" and finally the new "repair kit" option. The good piece is new and you can return to the action you use every workbench and workshop, both in your CAMP and in the world, you can unlock simple repair kits at Atomic Shop with atoms that you can buy or win with challenges in the game.
  • Improved repair kits: the improved repair kits use them in the same way, and they can only be used once. However, they repaired so deeply that the condition of an item reaches 150%, better than the new one. You can definitely use this extended life in the unholy land battles. Improved repair kits are rare items you can get for various activities. For example, like a loot for killing a queen of beast.
  • Simple repair kits at Atomic Shop: We read a lot of comments and suggestions from the Fallout 76 community, where the calls for repair kits continued. It also made us feel as if we had the opportunity to try something new both in the game and Atomic Shop. We are also thinking about how we could implement other community ideas in the future, such as refrigerators, ammunition converters and food for C.A.M.P. and even the possibility of sending scrap items to the storage box while it is in motion. Repair kits are our first attempt to make a new tool of this nature and we plan adjustments based on your comments. Please let us know your opinion if the kits will come into play later this month. "

From April 16 you can venture into "the caves" (dungeon). The SnapMatic camera! It will also be launched the same day. Developers describe the changes as follows:

  • "The Caves: Off to the Underground: As of April 16, the bravest can venture into a new dungeon: The Caves, beat their team and follow the steps of the Brotherhood of Steel in the oppressive darkness of Harper's Ferry Today, we will leave you on this alert to be able to fill your characters and more about The Caves in the next issue of "Out of the Vault".
  • The SnapMatic! Camera: Each photo remembers: Please, smile, because on April 16 SnapMatic comes into play! Camera. It is a new element in which you can put a weapon. Just do not shoot bullets, but Appalachian photos. Fill your photo album faster than ever. The camera comes with a new search and new challenges, it can even be modified with additional lenses. Before you can do a good deal, you have to have a SnapMatic! get it
  • The players' vending machines are set in patch 9: when the boat traders in Appalachia knew that we wanted to allow sellers to handle vending machines, they were not very happy with the new competition. In fact, we wanted to publish this feature with a patch 8, but we still need a little more time for something … persuasion. Therefore, automatic players' machines go to patch 9, which is expected to be released in May. More details when this date is approaching. "

In the Bethesda Game Days 2019, Todd Howard's leader said a few days ago that the game was successful despite several problems and directed "millions of players." They still have great plans for the game in Bethesda and see this as a "precipitation platform" that evolves over time. But they would continue to develop classic Bethesda games.

Todd Howard: "Fallout 76 is a very new thing for our study, we knew we would have many problems with the game and we definitely had some, some of them much more persistent than we expected. We still do other things that are more traditional, such as I would call them, Bethesda games, we are very excited that the game worked fine, very well. (…) We have a huge base of players, millions of players, we receive tons of comments, our goal is to build a kind of Rainfall platform, we have many ideas, it was a kind of wild journey and we are very excited about what interesting content. "

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