Sunday , November 29 2020

FDI troops vote 72 hours before the ballots are officially open

Israeli military personnel officially began voting for the 21st Knesset on Saturday night, about 72 hours before the rest of the general population went to the polls on April 9, where the head of the election committee described as "a celebration of democracy ".

A total of 643 ballot boxes were created for the soldiers of the Defense Forces of Israel, with the head of the Central Electoral Commission, Hanan Melcer's justice visiting some polling centers and personally monitoring the process.

The troops of the border of Gaza throw their ballots (Photo: AFP)

The troops of the border of Gaza threw their ballots (Photo: AFP)

Melcer spoke with the soldiers and commanders voting in the stations, as well as the election officers in the FDI's bases, urging them to make sure that the procedure was correctly and that all soldiers had the right to vote privately using secret ballot. .

"The Central Election Committee and the IDF will ensure that the elections are fair … and the soldiers can decide who to vote, like the rest of the Israeli public."

Soldier votes in the base of the FDI (Photo: Spokesman Unit of the FDI)

Soldier votes in the base of the FDI (Photo: Unit of the spokesman of the FDI)

In order for all soldiers to exercise their right to vote, the military deployed about 130 mobile voting centers in remote units and remote stations.

The Supreme Court's justice said the military oversight of the vote was "exemplary," adding that, although "Israeli diplomatic voting began to vote at the beginning, FDI is definitely the main element."

The troops of the border of Gaza throw their ballots (Photo: AFP)

The troops of the border of Gaza threw their ballots (Photo: AFP)

Amit Siri, a 21-year-old soldier from Tel Aviv, who voted for the first time in a election, spoke of his emotion. "Everyone here talks about the elections and who they will vote for," he said. "I decided by whom I voted in the last days, after a long process of reflection and discussions with my family, friends and after reading each platform … It's a special feeling, to vote as a soldier."

"I noticed that for many soldiers this is the first election that allows them to legally vote, and they are just as excited as us," Melcer said. "The troops are dedicated not only to their service … but also in their will to go to the polling station and vote.

The entry into operation of troops stationed on the border of Gaza (Photo: Reuters)

Exit of the vote for troops located on the Gaza border (Photo: Reuters)

The commission also allowed soldiers who needed financial help to work as administrators at the polling stations for a salary. "This shows that there is a connection between the general public and the troops as concerns the financial welfare of the soldiers," added Melcer.

Melcer added that he also voted as a soldier shortly after the 1973 Yom Kippur War during a election that was postponed after a surprise attack by a coalition of Arab forces. "It was a traumatic atmosphere, it was not easy," he said.

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