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First Reports of Derivatives 20% Increase in Revenue Increase H1 2019

First Derivatives (FD) announced its unverified financial results during the six months ending on August 31, 2018. For the first half of fiscal year 2019, FD, the consulting company and software provider To commercial companies, it has experienced solid results in its main financial areas.

Checking out the revenue first, FD was able to get a revenue from £ 105.6 million ($ 138 million). This is a 20 percent increase compared to the first half of the 2018 fiscal year of the company, which had revenues of £ 87.8 million.

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By breaking down into segments, license revenues experienced a growth of 39 percent. According to the statement, this was driven mainly by a higher demand for Kx technology in its entire customer base.

Fintech's revenues also increased 24%, reaching 82.7 million pounds compared to £ 66.8 million in the same period last year. The increase was largely thanks to the growth of software revenues as well as the expansion of its product offerings.

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Gross profit rose 21 percent from 36.3 million pounds in the first half of last year to 43.9 million pounds sterling in 201 H1. Profit before tax also increased by 20 percent year-on-year, reaching 7.6 million pounds sterling. After taxes, the profit still rose 15% when compared to the same period of the previous year.

FD expects 2019 revenues to exceed forecasts

Seamus Keating, FD, First Derivatives
Seamus Keating
Source: LinkedIn

Commenting on the results, Seamus Keating, president of FD, said: "Our confidence in the growth prospects and the long-term potential of FD continues to increase, supported by the demand of our Kx technology in multiple industries and our knowledge of domain and increasing reputation in managed services and consulting.

"This confidence boosted an acceleration of our investment plans in H1, in response to new opportunities throughout the business. Although the benefits of this investment will be received in future periods, the Group delivered a strong first tranche.

"The pace of the highest contract earns in the business, along with our high recurring and recurring income levels, provide confidence and position the group well to keep growing. We hope to deliver revenues and adjusted EBITDA slightly before consensus forecasts for the year up to February 28, 2019. "

For the year ending February 28, 2019, FD considers consensus revenue to be 213.0 million pounds sterling. The group also expects adjusted EBITDA to reach 38.5 million pounds sterling.

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