Saturday , October 24 2020

Huawei P30 Pro surpasses the Samsung Galaxy S10 in comparison of photos


Readers of BLICK have presented more than 37,000 votes. In the great comparison of photos, you see the P30 Pro just in front of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The evaluation shows: Huawei wins Samsung against, especially in special disciplines.

A very close race is over. BLICK readers were able to compare the photos of the Huawei P30 Pro smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in eight categories. Identical perspective, automatic adjustment and sometimes quite different results.

The two smartphones, each cost about 1000 francs, did not pay anything here. Huawei was able to capture the portraits, the extreme contrast, the dark image and the zoom of 10x. Samsung has scored wide-angle, backlight, selfie and colors.

424 to 376 for the Huawei P30 Pro

After the categories, the duel finished from 4 to 4. Decide now the percentage points: The P30 Pro reached a total of 424 percentage points, the Galaxy S10 Plus 376 percentage points. A very fine victory in the survey of the reader for the Huawei smartphone.

The analysis shows that the special disciplines in which Samsung has no chance and can only gain a few percentage points are decisive for the triumph of the Huawei model. For example, when you take photos to darken or with a 10x zoom. Although Samsung also wins two categories in a clear, but less clear. The image in the full backlight and the image with the colored flowers.

But what is also clear in the analysis: readers of BLICK are strong colors. Likewise, Samsung could equalize in three categories to win the win, since the Galaxy turns the colors into automatic adjustment of the strongest colors. Obviously, the light yellowing does not bother you in comparison to reality.

The P30, with its coolest standard colors, works poorly here. However, you can also change the color settings here. This is also true in other places: who takes the time and pauses by hand, get better pictures. With the later fine adjustment of the bottom, for example, the picture depicted could be even more attractive.

Conclusion of the great photographic test: Both phones perform recordings at the highest level. In general, the Huawei P30 Pro is a bit more versatile, so you can hit the Galaxy S10 Plus. Samsung has a nose in daily sockets in a light and trouble-free condition.

Below you will find all the images and the evaluation again. Do I agree with the choice of Blick's readers? Write your opinion in the comments.

Portrait with blurred background

Photo with strong contrast

wide shooting angle

Photo to full backlight

Image in the dark without lightning bolts

Selfie shot in portrait mode

Zoom 10x in hand

Color range

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