Tuesday , May 11 2021

Israel cede for a general strike on Wednesday, the government says it can be avoided

JERUSALEM: The main union of the Israeli public sector said it would move forward with a general strike scheduled on Wednesday to close airports, banks and all government offices, in protest of their state inaction on the deaths at the construction site.

The strike, which has to start at 6 in the morning (0400 GMT), is intended to be indefinite, but it is likely that it will not last more than one day, since the courts normally order workers to return to work and both teams return to negotiation table

"We are witnessing more and more victims every day, new casualties and serious security incidents that could be avoided," said Histadrut Avi Nissenkorn's Chief on Tuesday.

"If no solution is found in the next few hours, the economy will be hit by a general strike tomorrow."

A spokesman for Histadrut said his representatives were meeting agents of the Ministry of Finance and other ministries in an effort to avoid the strike.

Asked about the situation, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said: "We are trading. We believe it will be resolved tonight."

The labor federation of Histadrut demanded the government adopt the European standards of construction, reinforce security measures and enforce a law on the use of security harnesses.

He wants the government to spend more 20 million shekels ($ 5.4 million) in the recruitment of more security inspectors.

The Ministry of Finance says that it attaches great importance to improving job security in construction sites and says it is working with the Ministry of Labor to implement measures.

Last week the federation threatened the strike if its demands were not fulfilled. He said the Israeli interview Smith had found that 66 percent of Israelis supported any strike action.

Among those who would be affected, there are Ben Gurion and Ovda Airport in Tel Aviv near Eilat, as well as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Bank of Israel, commercial banks and trains.

The Histadrut says about 40 workers have died in construction sites so far in 2018 and another 200 have been seriously injured.

Labor activists say 35 people died in 2017 and the Haaretz newspaper said that the number of deaths in recent years had an average of 30.

On Tuesday, Histadrut held demonstrations in 20 main intersections throughout Israel.

(Report by Steven Scheer; Editing by Gareth Jones)

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