Thursday , July 29 2021

Lebanon faces more economic risks than military threats to Israel: speaker – Xinhua

BEIWR, November 11 (Xinhua) – Lebihan Parliament President Nabih Berri said yesterday that the risk facing Lebanon is economic and non-military, as Israel does not dare attack Lebanon, the national news agency (NNA) has reported ).

"Hezbollah, apart from our national unity, will not allow Israel to launch any assault on Lebanon," the UN quoted.

If the situation remains unchanged, we will enter a dangerous zone, he added, insinuating the delay in the formation of the government.

The Lebanese speaker, on many occasions, urged all political parties to commit themselves in an attempt to reach a consensus on the formation of the government in the midst of economic deterioration.

The public debt of Lebanon reached 82.95 million US dollars at the end of June, surpassing the 76.500 million dollars a year ago, according to the weekly economic publication of Byblos Bank.

Lebanon must undertake major reforms to curb its public debt, including a renewal of the electricity sector that costs more than 2 billion dollars per year.

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