Thursday , September 23 2021

Most amazing cultural differences between the United States and Israel

Some New Yorkers mean that people go to DC to enter politics, LA to be famous, and New York to win.

This translates into a fervent obsession with work. Working 300 hours a month is not uncommon, nor does it respond to emails at 1 in the morning or on weekends.

Although it is true that there are many Israeli workers: my husband also works 300 hours per month; The majority of the people I know take seriously their work-life balance. Is it a good day? Call sick and go to the beach.

Nowhere is this exemplified more than in the personal training space. In New York, the most desirable hours with my personal trainer are early in the morning, late at night and weekends. In Israel, practically you have to ask for a slot at this time because none of the coaches want to get up early, miss dinner or work on weekends.

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