Wednesday , October 27 2021

RD Congo: Good news, bad news about the Ebola outbreak


Until Saturday, the number of Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo increased to 1,240 cases – a worrying jump of more than 100 in one week – with 1,174 confirmed and 66 probable ones.

The Ministry of Health of the Congo reported 792 deaths, especially in Katwa, where 68 new cases were reported. Vuhovi saw 19 new cases confirmed, like Mandima in the Ituri province, while Butembo added nine new cases.

Butembo, one of the first hotspots after the outbreak that began in August 2018, reported eight new fatalities in the week to continue an increase in the number of cases previously.

There are eight suspected cases, although none have been confirmed in Goma, among the 23 best-kept sanitary areas because it is a border center that opens the doors to Rwanda, Uganda and a more disturbing regional and international spread.

The World Health Organization met on Friday to assess the situation, but did not raise the status level of the outbreak to an international crisis. "However, the committee wanted to express its deep concern about the recent increase in transmission in specific areas and, therefore, the potential risk of spreading to neighboring countries," said the WHO statement.

On a positive note, the WHO said that the security situation in the states of Ituri and the provinces of North Kivu has stabilized. There have also been new hopes about the RVSV-ZEBOV experimental vaccine, which was highly effective according to WHO research published on Friday.

Image: WHO

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