Friday , June 18 2021

The Israeli High Court arrests the demolition of the home of the West Bank terrorist

An IDF soldier issued a demolition order for the home of a Palestinian suspect who killed two Israelis in a shotgun attack at a Barkan factory last week

The court of the High Court of Israel ordered Tuesday the arrest of the planned demolition of the house belonging to a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis in the West Bank last month.

Ashraf Waleed Suliman Nawa, 23, was about to run for a month, after assaulting the Barkan factory offices where he worked on October 7 and shooting fatally two Israeli counterparts.

The Israeli forces on Tuesday handed over to Na's family a demolition order for parts of a house in Shuweika that dwelt. The upper floors, where the runaway terrorist was not living, were not programmed to be demolished.

The order of the superior court comes a day after a great contingency of Israeli forces surrounds the house Nawa, apparently before its demolition.

Israel implements a policy of deterrence in which the houses of the Palestinian terrorists that carry out attacks are demolished, often at night. Human rights groups say that the measure is equivalent to collective punishment, with suspected "families forced to suffer from other acts."

IDF "longdesc =" ,% 20de% 20de% 20Tulkarm,% 20October% 207,% 202018 "src =" "style =" width: 609px; "title =" IDF troops in the house of the assailant in the village of the West Bank Shuweika, north of Tulkarm, October 7, 2018 "/></p>
<p>In the midst of a month-long maneuver for Nawa, the Israeli forces raised posters around their hometown of Tulkarem warning residents who helped him to incur penalties such as "prolonged detention, demolition of the house and cancellation of [work] Permissions for them and their families. "</p>
<p>In Alwa, who had a work permit valid for the industrial area of ​​Barkan, arrived at the factory offices of the Alon Group armed with a Carlo-style machine gun, manufactured illegally, where he shot and killed Kim 28-year-old Levengrond Yehezkel before killing Ziv Hajbi of 35 years of age.</p>
<p>The army has launched an investigation into how Na & # 39; alwa could smuggle his gun in the enclosed industrial park and was linked to Levengrond Yehezkel with the intention of taking her as a hostage.</p>
<p>Officials believe that Nawa, who left a suicide note before carrying out the attack, was prepared to engage Israeli forces trying to arrest him. It is considered armed and dangerous.</p>
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