Sunday , June 13 2021

10-day detox diet / Lose weight and burn fat with a diet to detoxify

o detox diet in 10 days returns to fashion with the arrival of the latest nutritionist doctor's book Mark Hyman who conceived it The director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine recently wrote "The detox diet in 10 days"After I had already written"The diet of the glycemic balance"To bring books to Italy, Mondadori has proven to be very active in the field of health. The goal of this diet is to restore glycemic balance and then burn fat. It starts not only with the way of eating, but before cooking with the advice and the specific instructions to follow in everyday life. This is a diet that focuses on the detoxification of our body and that is why it is part of the elimination of certain foods such as sugar, salt and glutamate that are considered harmful to the body .

Detox diet in 10 days: how to learn to eat

First of all the detox diet in 10 days It tries to teach people to eat well. We start from the bases with great importance entrusted to the expenses that must be done following the stations and moving to the markets of our city. In addition to the foods to eliminate, there are some that are limited, such as coffee and alcohol, which are not really suitable for those who want to lose weight. It is not a diet that should be hungry, however, because learning to eat will be different foods that can also be abundant, among which are especially indicated vegetables with low caloric intake but also the power to fill the stomach. Next, it will be important to avoid going to deal with highly-prepared foods that often hide cheats that can lead to fat.

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