A super fast Android browser arrived!


Alternative Google Chrome for AndroidGoogle Chrome It seems an option almost mandatory for us users android. Just bought a smartphone that we found in the foreground along with widget search for it Google. We will just change it or choose to use it at the same time with another navigation system. But at some point the need arises to have something less greedy and faster.

one new Android browser promises to offer the A yield of 10% more compared to the acclaimed browser of Mountain View. The opening time of the pages diminishes and with it expects the visualization of our contents online. Many are choosing to leave chrome for this new lightweight, fast and reliable system. We discovered in preview.

Google Chrome defeated: the new browser is faster

A new application is happening in the application store Google against a fierce dispute Chrome. Play all the time and interactivity with the integrated functions. For the Google Browser There are no secrets or limits. It offers synchronization of accounts, excellent graphics and numerous functions. But in the same way it is famous for avarice in the demand for resources for CPU, RAM and battery.

The team of Developer XDA indicates a new alternative that limits the problem of the drift of performance by indicating a considerable increase the page opening speed. It is about kiwi, weird name for this new one browser We certainly do not forget it after discovering it.

Always low chrome and integrates native announcement blocker and dark theme. Excellent for the system of updates that periodically does not regret Chrome in any level. Changing the browser known to the new proposal will be nothing traumatic. We will find the same functions, but also a lightness that we did not know for a long time.

The level of optimization achieved is really amazing. Profit on the yield is nothing less than appreciable. Everything is free in Italian and can be downloaded for free from this concert link in Play Store. There is also a video that summarizes the essential features of the application. What do you think


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