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Amount of Amazon, MediaWorld, Zalando and others

I missed a few o'clock in the morning of the Black Friday – a week ago from the United States – but almost all e-commerce sites offer you to start over for about a week: for example Amazon has begun Monday and will continue fine at 25 November, Unieuro started the set-up, while MediaWorld started its bid campaign (it is called "Total Black Friday"). Insomma, Black Friday and moreover a period of big bits of money for a single day. Let's get along with a list of the main online shops and parrot scams, useful to prepare Christmas gifts in advance. Also, you will find on top Post a liveblog with which we will be segnalate via the offer you more interesting, eat the scorso year. You can also read your offers even over the year new profile on Twitter says Consumerism, if you find it more comfortable for me.

So, Amazon
Amazon and the site every year makes more deals in the Black Friday occasion: who can see all the offers, some last for several days, other only for a certain number of hours. There are a lot of eye-catching devices available for Echo, that is, assistants for the Amazon home in Italy, and, for example, the Kindle Paperwhite (30 euros for discount) and the Fire Stick (50 euros instead of 60).

Domestic appliances and other technological objects
Who can get you all the sketches of Unieuro, those of the cosiddetto "Black Roc Friday". There is a contest of ePrice: for the last time around, there is an hour at the time (the Black Hour) in which 60 products vengono messi in palio. To participate, you just have to register, but for a fortune. Today's prize is a set of pentol and various aspirapolvere. On the site of Euronics We will give him money at midnight while he goes MediaWorld Today's dream has started with the "Total Black Friday", an offer of both the site and physical business, it will end on the 25th. On the site of Expert I am currently living. Last Sunday, there will be some promotions on the site Apple, but for now I do not know anything.

Between sites and I'll give you access and access to Black Friday, there will be for example Asss, We'll have them fine at 70 percent. Those of OVSOn the site you are now physicist, communist today. Su Hesitating Initial inventory, with short sneakers and accesories at 70 percent. On the site of Happy Socks There are already some random products of 30 percent. What else do you eat some redattrici from Post It has a weakness for the style Monki: Even let there be more money. Even IntimateOn the site you will be physicist, offer you promotions, and so on Calzedonia. On the site of signed houses Yoox Fine to the end of today you can get a headgear selection with 20 percent discount, while for example on the site of jeans Levi's There's 30 percent of the scottish cosiddetto "Indigo Friday."

Sites I sell you so much
Besides your Amazon, add yours eBay I have a lot of money for the Black Friday: I'm sorry to hear you and if you can see who, there is 60 percent of all your products. In addition to the supermarket chain Esselunga There is a promotion for Black Friday: fine on November 26 and a series of technological and toy products.

Flights aerei
I would like to thank you for the Black Friday. I also know about the tourism and vacation sector: Ryanair It's doing a promotional week, eat an anno scorso. Easyjet He does not offer a fine discount at 30 percent his one long list of flights. Also, the site for prenotare les vacanze eDreams It will pay for your airline tickets and so on Flyover, you offer discounts of 20, 40 or 80 euros in your own private package holidays at the second parrot cost.

Even online shops for cosmetic products aderiscono Black Friday: Sephora For example, it will be held on Friday, November 23, Monday, 26, that is Cyber ​​Monday; For the second quarter, we will notice more. On the site of the perfume shop Douglas It does not mean that you have just started running: fine on November 26 if you can have a score of 30 percent if you buy at least 99 euros for products; of 25 percent if it reaches 69. If you can apprezzate the products of the 'Cinetic beautician, one of the most famous Italian beautician thanks to Instagram, sappiate that even your business online will be at Black Friday: there will be 30 percent of the number of people who signed up for their newsletter, 25 percent for others.

What does it use? Amazon In addition to buying books and other promotional pic: fine at the end of the day to acquire at least 20 euro of books selected on this page (there is the latest version of Haruki Murakami for others), it receives a scorecard of 7 Use your Amazon for Amazon (but not for buying books) fine until January 11. Even online bookstore we share it with Black Friday: it will do it for example IBS, you can already find some promotions, and the site of the bookstore Feltrinelli, it ranks fine on Monday, 26, and there is a 15 percent discount on its books.

Appliances and things for the house
In the kitchen and kitchen where the promotions are already on the site Polytronophane: fine on November 25, four models of credit (in some houses), 70% promotional loans. Ikea Instead, it will provide some huge amounts of money on its selection of products from Sunday to Sunday. These products have been selected based on a survey on the site: the most voted ones were chosen to be logged. We will have you come across other products in stock. For promotion of your home and kitchen items, we will also have your sites where I sell more expensive furniture from Ikea: for example Kave Home (who is a Spanish site but offers clothing items with a style similar to a nordic quartz) and Westwing, you must register to access all the offers. The chain of businesses Kasanova But it will make some online games that are sold as physical sales.

An important consiglio
If you want to use Black Friday to buy a specific technological product, electrodomestico or something that is very expensive (clothes are slipped), please pay attention to the price, but not for the price you're interested in. One useful thing you can do and save the thing that interests you wish list ("Wish list") in which sites and for sale and annotarvi how much it costs today (unless it is not at stake point) to verify that the scorecard posted during the Black Friday is convenient. As for Amazon, you can always confront and price Black Friday with pre-paid prices using this site: it shows the evolution of the specific price of your Amazon.

Da dove arrives on Black Friday
Every year the Black Friday falls into a different market because it neglects the United States, the country from which it comes, and always after the success of the Ring Festival, which is the fourth Thursday of November. All Incident, Black Friday was a week of physical business, from which many people would like to buy the Christmas gifts in advance. With the diffusion of shopping on its Internet, Black Friday and has also become a favorite in other countries, moving to a long period of promotions that will take almost a week or more.

Come if you can see Google Trends in a fast search, the Google tool allows you to see how much you are looking for a certain keyword in the weather, in Italy and Black Friday raises a growing interest. At that point, l'anno scorso il Codacons had little chance of institutionalized and extended to physical business, given the scarso success of the traditional winter sald. For a moment, as we have seen, there are already physical business arrivals: the chain of major stores Resurgent For now, we will have a fine squeeze at midnight, with fine scents at 50 percent. If you are frightened to find out too much, you can always go today, put the products that you get interested in and then retract them and pay them domains. Il Black Friday then arrives to pure-nei museums: even today the tickets of a sample of Palazzo Reale, in Milan, are recounted.


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