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Big Brother Vip 2018 / Direct, nominated and eliminated on November 12

Tonight a new live of Big Brother Vip will be in the air and, in the hope of the long night, the competitors are prepared and they continue to spend their lives at home. It is in the hours before the new work in which Lory Del Santo returns to talk about the death of his son Loren and make unprecedented revelations. For adventure comrades, Lory confesses: "I received more solidarity from you and from unknown people than from family people. They killed me," admits the director, who still responds. "I thought something happens again, let's wait. I do not say it to the nearest ones. They will be the last ones to know, I swear. There is always envy, jealousy … I have not read the messages of the personal phone, because there are the words that are the safest and most evil … "Strong words that we could discuss just tonight (Update by Anna Montesano)


New date with Big Brother Vip 2018 which today, on November 12, will be transmitted on Channel 5 from 21.30 onwards, approximately. Ilary Blasi will still be in charge of the new episode with Alfonso Signorini and if many are waiting to find out what the driver (and his wig) looks like, others are ready to find out what will become of their heroes. In televoting, last Thursday, they end Andrea Mainardi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Stefano Sala. Only this last one has decided to sacrifice the place of Benedetta Mazza, his private friend, regardless of what may happen, since one of the three will have to leave the game one step away from the semifinal. But this elimination will not be the only one at night, since, as can be seen in the press release of the episode, it seems that there will be a second exit surprise. A series of rescues and fights will lead to a second elimination, what will happen and who will be the second eliminated tonight? The televotant is still open and the Big Brother Vip website is possible vote among the three nominees by clicking here.

The websites this week

Although this is the most boring edition of the Big Brother Vip surely there were no disputes and arguments and this week has passed the same. Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Donatella, and in particular, opened the week of fights Silvia Provvedi. Thursday came home Alfonso Signorini just to inform the young people that Fabrizio Corona has consoled with Asia Argento and the ex-king of the paparazzi was at the center of the discussion between his ex and the host. The latter, without stinging words, accused Silvia of giving credit to a man who did not deserve it and that surely is not a good example for young people. Donatella talked with him for two days and one night and often presented himself in tears in the confession. Tonight we will discuss this dispute as we will deal with Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi. Right in these schedules, the two were once again arguing for the influential battles (for the gentle kindness of the storyteller). Francesco Monte will not go through what is not so while Giulia finds him too shy, but he seems ready to let her go if she intends to judge her continuously. How will it end between them?


Not just fights this week Big Brother Vip 2018. Even loves or special friends have been in the center in recent days and the biggest surprise (and that destined to wreak havoc) seems to come directly from Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza. He replaced the blonde in the nomination and wanted for fear of leaving or simply maneuvering (as far as possible) the televoting, it seems that between the two abandoned the mooring. Some nightly videos showed the two under the covers that fight with clamps and bowls but no evidence confirms the intimacy between the two, what really happened? Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini will be in charge of this new installment of the program but in the center of everything they will be there Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi. After the failure of the night spent in the suite, the two spoiled at home at night, at least until the new dispute that, at a few hours today, put everything back into play. There is nothing to do with Jane Alexander who, after receiving the greeting she made to Elia Fongaro, will have to rely on the fact that this relationship has given her the possibility that she may suffer from a double disappointment outside the home.


A separate chapter belongs to Lory Del Santo. After the many controversies due to what happened before entering the house Big Brother Vip 2018, the beautiful actress and producer decided not to leave this experience convinced that it was much better than staying in bed, in the dark night, night and day. His experience was worthy and he never relied on what happened but for her it could soon be time to manage the televocado and with his colleagues at home like the circle of openings and the final approaches. Only today, just a few hours after the live broadcast tonight, Loria do Santo she broke her tears talking about her mourning and what she found in the Great Brother's house in recent weeks. This evening he was only allowed into the arms of Ivan Cattaneo and Giulia Provvedi: "Here I feel protected." At home, he found his closeness and solidarity and for that he can not resist tears. Will we talk about his crisis tonight?

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