confessions of a terrible past


Martina Nasoni

In his vicious and old friend of Maria De Filippi Irama wrote a song in which he participated Festival of Sanremo 2019. yesterday Martina Nasoni did not officially enter Big Brother 16 and in a speech with Serena Rutelli e Valentina Vignali gives unthinkable revelations. In fact, the girl, forced to 12 years delicately for cardiac surgery for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, reveals that in her childhood she had to face the first great battles.

Great Brother 2019: the first confessions in the House

Her mother entered and left the hospitals for seven years. But Martina kept her tears at home because she thought that her father would fall. The continuous interventions, the fault of the same "curse": the mother had to put the pacemaker in the heart, but the body continuously rejected. In short, the new competitor of the GF 2019 Martina Nasoni He faced really dark moments of his life, having to grow very fast.

In the first episode of the new edition he also crossed the infamous red door Ivana Icardi, sister of the famous soccer player of the Inter Mauro Icardi. And with the football player and Wanda Nara without good blood flow. In this regard, the girl, arguing with the other tenants, confesses that her sister-in-law got angry at her participation in the Argentine version of Great Brother.

From then on he could not see his brother and did not understand why there could be no peace between them. Then Jessica intervenes, trying to console the Argentine competitor and, after giving his personal opinion on this intricate story, he is sure that they will soon discard disagreements.

GF 16, Martina Nasoni: a past of suffering

while Jessica Mazzoli, before entering the house more spied by the Italians, responds to Morgan, denying his claims that he would refuse to see his son. And yet Michael Terlizzi Take the opportunity to express the personal opinion about Jessica to the affected person. While he was talking, he tells him he found her strange. Although partly understandable as an artist, it is too illogical.

Subsequently, the boy explains that the words do not constitute a critique, otherwise, an affirmation and this being above the lines in the background fascinates him. Who knows that between both can be a beautiful friendship. Certainly some stories brought in this new edition of Great Brother They have to teach a lot, to all of them Martina Nasoni, a girl but of the important past.


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