Tuesday , December 1 2020

Ex-employee of Valve: "Steam was killing PC game: Epic saved it"

Valve and Steam are killing PC games, Epic is saving: this is the opinion of an old Valve employee!

The Epic Games Store is currently not the favorite of the public. The lack of several options and the regular acquisition of exclusive storms annoy the PC players, but there is always another bell to listen to. A former employee of Valve, in fact, says that Steam was killing the video game world on PC and saved Epic.

The discussion was born on Twitter: lRichard Geldreich, former Valve employee, said that the 30% required by Valve is an unsustainable tax for developers. This percentage of profits gave Valve an enormous amount of money and changed the objective of the company, pushing it to abandon the development of important and less profitable games at an economic level.

The epic only requires 12%, an extremely lower value compared to competitors. Valve and Steam were competitive when the market was still almost the only retailer and demanded 50% of the benefits of the developers, but nowadays, according to Geldreich, this is no longer the case and the Epic route is the correct one.

Geldreich also believes that Epic Games will continue to hold agreements for at least a year and that your store will be preferred by most AAA game publishers. Steam will be "relegated" to indie and second category titles. This is a very strong forecast. Finally, Geldreich admits that the store Epic Games still lacks many resources and that Epic should work a little before releasing it.

What do you think Do you think Geldreich's opinions are correct, or do you think it's an exaggeration?

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