Thursday , July 29 2021

FCA reorganization hypotheses: the sale of Fiat to separate PSA, Alpha and Maserati, and then join GM? – News

Reorganization of the FCA: the transfer of Fiat to separate the PSA, the Alpha and the Maserati, after merging with GM?

That after the goodbye of Marchionne and the acquisition of Manley the change to FCA certainly did not end, but it started, it was already known. What is not yet known, since rumors circulate uncontrollably, to the benefit of speculatorsIt's where our dear Italian automobile brands really came to an end, now included in the great American cauldron. The last hypothesis, or better proposal True to everyone's audience and also presented to President John Elkann., is that of ADW, FCA shareholder fund. It is not the voice of one of the biggest and most influential shareholders, but will be followed by the board, although the opinion is heavy, given the global echo.

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To the EE. UU. A major is requested focus American, for FCA and for the creation of value (that is, to look for majors profits). The dream is to unite jeep Ford or better GM, keeping the great value of the manufacturer off-road in the group that marries. To achieve greater profitability, in addition to the recent spin-off of Magneti Marelli, the advice would also be to sell the "old Fiat". The tricolor insignia ships of Alfa Romeo and MaseratI, again according to the ADW hypothesis, deserved and would have a greater value separating from the rest, but remaining open to the whole world in activities with the obvious presence of a former shareholder of the FCA; while the small Fiat could go on an independent road, better if under the hat of a French group, like PSA, keeping the focus purely European.

Fiat Professional, Lancia and Abarth? The press releases disclosed, according to the uses of finance for these situations in the shareholding of large companies, do not even seem to be mentioned but are obviously connected to Fiat.

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