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Genish at Tim, as a man of providence to be fired

the adventure of just over a year lasted Genish masters at the helm of Telecom Italia. One year he lived "dangerously", he said, with a landing in Telecom still led by
Vivendi to replace Flavio Cattaneo accompanied by words to the honey of the then president Arnaud de Puyfontaine. A great head of a great telecommunication experience, says Puyfontaine exactly on September 28, 2017, when unanimously
the board of administration coopt in Cda Genish naming him director and giving him executive powers.

It ends like this, with a communication tomorrow it came with a great "contumace", traveling to China and Korea to meet partners and companies that Telecom intends to bring
Advance on your way to entering the 5G era. A communication that still follows months of rumors and ends the adventure
of the Israeli manager that surely Pay the contrasts between the American Elliott Fund in command and a Vivendi who is still the first shareholder of Telecom, determined to give battle as the first comments show.

Priority – wrote in a letter sent to Tim warm employees, after appointment in command of the company – transform
the group in a Digital Telco, the DigiTim and the reasoning as a company, with a clear vision and the necessary abilities
to win a leading role in the digital ecosystem. Mission, unfortunately, failed with Telecom than in
This year and past lost stock in the stock market and failed to continue investing with the previous rates. clear this
the division at the government level did not help.

However, as mentioned, Genish had reached the head of the NAFTA headline, preceded by the reputation of a long-time man
telephony co-founder and CEO of Global Village Telecom (Gvt) an alternative operator with fiber assets that Genish has
brought to Ipo. Gvt was then sold to Vivendi and then in 2014 to Telefonica Española, also winning the competition
by Tim Brasil. In this context, it was not discussed a bit at the beginning of the arrival of a director to Telecom – that the assignment
It has since the beginning of 2017 through the role of head of convergence in Vivendi – precisely to manage Tim

Those of Tim for Genish were then difficult months, characterized by the problem of Sibony in the purchases, but that as of that
from the point of view that they reached an agreement with suppliers in the summer for a price drop, considered more adequate.
Soon there was the whole union party that ended with the solidarity agreement of June. But in the end, deep down and
continuously since the beginning of 2018, only 3 months after landing under Telecom, it has been quite constant
The theme of the replacement and replacement of this director from childhood to Netanya who also fought as a captain
first war in Lebanon.

Not a few times in recent months at Genish was reprimanded by the lack of presence in the company. And to motivate the accusations
Continuous trips to London (where they have women and children) and Brazil have been increasingly frequent. Always remember
sent to the sender by the person in question who, in any case, has no experience
Europe and especially at the behest of a former holder.

The replacement of Genish in these months, however, was a constant voice so much that the same Genish in
a meeting with journalists in June went so far as to say that in Cda there are those who oppose. It opens the sky, but vice versa
and an important diplomatic action of President Conti avoided the worst. In September, the same Conti, in an interview
In the CNBC, he described Genish as the right man to lead Telecom, while remembering the need for results. But just the
Last week, Tim had to write 2,000 million assets in the presentation of quarterly accounts
and launch a notice of earnings on the debt-ebitda relationship. Today the replacement communication at the top.

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