Friday , June 18 2021

goal by Bernat e Insigne (penalty)

A moment of the challenge between Naples and Psg. AFP

A moment of the challenge between Naples and Psg. AFP

A time for one, just like it is good for both, but especially for Naples. This is the photograph of the night of San Pablo, clearly influenced by the result of Red Star-Liverpool, which made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Not for this reason, however, the encounter was not fought. The PSG tried to win by controlling the rhythm, Napoli found the final 1-1 with vehemence and now the qualifying break has gone to two next races.

This time Ancelotti did not propose surprises that confirm eleven who found themselves well in Paris, Tuchel prefers Draxler instead of Rabiot leaving Cavani, applauded at the time of warming by the public, initially in the bank. The Frenchman started strong, taking advantage of the speed of Neymar next to Maksimovic: the Brazilian helped Verratti, walled by Koulibaly in the fourth minute. The PSG was also very busy because Napoli did not want to give depth to the outside guests who designed soccer quality, especially with the inspired Neymar who put 23 Mbapp to beat the net (high ball). Ospina did the ordinary administration well because the PSG was not bad but so much that 45 "we also saw Naples with a turn of Insigne deflected in the corner by Thiago Silva. When Kuipers indicated a minute of recovery, the PSG ignited: the fire of Neymar for Mbapp, who started drinking Albiol and crossed the beat of Bernat. 47 was already in motion for 10 seconds and Ancelotti protested vehemently without being satisfied by the referee.

Shooting in the beginning without changes but with Napoli in physiological blood pressure, Maksimovic's header to 5 of the corner action finished. Buffon entered the game with a double balance in Mertens, who gave the alarm to his team and to San Paolo. The longest teams and Naples are more dangerous in the wings thanks to Callejon, who seized Buffon who served Mertens first and Fabian Ruiz, then the right to attend: missed opportunities but Psg feared the point of giving Napoli a penalty for the theme of Thiago Silva who left a ball in Callejon on what the Spanish rushed to obtain the penalty for lack of Buffon. Insigne became safe. At that point the teams were studying because the peer should not be despised, although Tuchel touched the Cavani card. So, the most important opportunity happened to Mbapp that failed in total. It would be an excessive prize for the PSG and an undeserved punishment for Napoli that took the point that he wanted.

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