Sunday , March 7 2021

Here is the cost of the Samsung folding phone.

L & # 39;Samsung Infinity Flex Display It was one of the big players in the "technology" of last week: the Korean company, during the annual event dedicated to developers, provided the first specific details (to learn more click here) on the technology that will mount its first smart phone folding.

After that DJ Koh, head of the mobile division, had spoken of an initial production of new screens equal to one million units (to evaluate the market response), it came from South Korea new rumors about the device, in decidedly concrete aspects: release date and price at all.

First of all, however, the name: it seems that the dispute is definitively resolved and that in the end it is chosen Samsung Galaxy F (the F would be for "Foldable"), the option between the highest chat in recent days. Well, unlike what was thought to this day, Samsung Galaxy F It should not arrive already during CES in Las Vegas in early January, but only in reversed gear: it would then be anticipated by the Galaxy S10 (appointment to the MWC in Barcelona at the end of February) and could be launched along with 5G version of the top of the future.

As for the price, a report from the Yonhap News Agency confirms that the quote was rumored a few weeks ago: Samsung Galaxy F It could cost 2 million. Earn that, at the current exchange rate, they almost do it 1,600 euros. No bruscolini

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