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Horoscope of Paolo Fox, tomorrow, February 1, 2019: the stars sign by sign – Culture and shows

Discover that stars are reserved for the day morning. In fact, February comes alive with the first day of a month that promises to be different for many horoscope signs: in fact, even those who have suffered in recent days, now they could be satisfied. But to be able to know what will really happen morning, February 1, 2019, just read what we report below that is nothing more than what we get from the breakthroughs that were presented live today at Rai 2 during the broadcast "I Fatti Vostri" by Paolo Fox. The well-known astrologer Paolo Fox in particular, I wanted to put the accent, through the stars that he attributes daily to the different signs, about Aries, Leo and Aquarius, who rewards with 5 stars and, therefore, they will have really wonderful hours. Not good, however, go to Capricorn and Scorpio to close the special ranking prepared by Paolo Fox.

ARIETE (5 stars) – The long awaited February arrived and the energy force that will trigger Aries is the one that does not go unnoticed even Paolo Fox. In fact, the well-known astrologer says that in the next few hours there will be sparks in love and that the moment must be fully exploited because then slowly everything could end and these important moments will never return.

LEONE (5 stars)Paolo Fox Tell him not to underestimate the new job offers that will come to you tomorrow. In fact, the sky is full of positive news and it is placed in the center of the scene. Success is now guaranteed, but it must still be open because there could be some minor inconvenience that would delay guaranteed success.

AQUARIUS (5 stars) – Try to resolve the litigation that is open. Of course, the advice he gives him Paolo Fox is to contact a consultant who can guide you in the right way indicated by the stars in the next hours. You can also receive the consent of someone important.

CANCER (4 stars) – The planets are asking for clarity tomorrow. In fact Paolo Fox he talked about a Saturn that is ready to help you can only be very clear. Then you have to balance the situation both at work and in love. Unlike the past, you should try to have a more active attitude.

TORO (4 stars) – The family comes first. Paolo Fox Observe this your peculiarity and, therefore, that they are very traditional types, try to recover the lost time with your loved ones. In fact, in recent days they have taken their jobs and this has not allowed them to be always available with your loved ones, who are beginning to become more interested in the morning but during the weekend.

BILANCIA (4 stars) – Try to understand if some situations do not have the chance to clarify better. Because second Paolo Fox The best month will be in March, but the recovery begins from February and then from tomorrow. All you have to do is find the guts you've been missing in recent weeks to try to solve an affair that is close to your heart.

SAGITTARIO (4 stars)Paolo Fox Now you are advised from the morning to avoid submerging in everything, but in order to understand what are the priorities you want to take because they are the ones that will help you get out of the hurdle of doubts and then the best to handle in the next few hours. Try to satisfy your passions and surely you will not be having problems.

GEMELLI (3 stars) – The problems that are still pending will not make you feel comfortable even in the morning. but Paolo Fox He knows well that it is a legacy that it still has taken since the previous year and that, therefore, you have to try to overcome if you really want to live fully in the next few hours. In both work and love, the situations that will be presented to you will be quite tense.

VIRGEN (3 stars)Paolo Fox he asks him to open to others and not hide because otherwise he will not be able to live fully the beautiful things of life that are inextricably linked to the sentimental sphere. In fact, these days we could return a great passion that you have left a bit on the edge.

PESCI (3 stars) – Has had obvious difficulties in the last two months from a sentimental point of view. This is undeniable, but to try to get out of it you have to go and redo those moments that are not happy otherwise you can never put a point to the situation. Paolo Fox He asks you to take this great step from tomorrow, although you know it is something that will make you feel like a lot of damage.

CAPRICORN (2 stars) – Venus has not yet begun to pass through its signal, and therefore, the improvements are not seen. Paolo Fox He asks, however, that tomorrow be very cautious even in the statements he makes because even a word that is not well given may be due to some complication of a situation that unfortunately is not the best.

SCORPIONE (2 stars) – You have a very cautious and timid attitude. Form part of your second character Paolo Fox but used tomorrow it will not give any improvement to the hours that will not be so easy for you. Then you have to leave a little more and not always be tense for everything you do.

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