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Horoscope Paul Fox. Thursday 11 of April of 2019: the astral forecasts sign by signal


Horoscope of today Aries, Gemini, Taurus and Cancer

Aries From the 21st to the 20th of April LOVE Weekend in the name of serenity and desire, everything to be experienced! You will know friends, family or colleagues that will give you a lot of stimulation. WORK You will have to fight to defend your "territory." Define your appointments: they will be excellent days to celebrate agreements. HEALTH Thanks to Mercury and the New Moon, it will be vital and full of energy. LOVE: your girlfriend will be a little fickle in showing her feelings. You have to decide whether to let go or speak clearly: the situation can be resolved, but we need the commitment of both. Do not give up happiness to maintain a one-way relationship. WORK: clouds can be seen on the horizon, but your undisturbed abilities will allow you to overcome the storm. You can even get the long-awaited promotion. Put everything on yourself. HEALTH: seasonal illnesses are just a memory. Avoid those who are still in danger, like children, and you will be safe from the flu. Sweetness and romance in the relationship of the couple return, although the flame of envy has not yet been extinguished completely. Differences in views on a delicate question: even if you understand the reasons behind them, are you really sure you do not want to go back? At work, underestimating a seemingly simple and fast task can be lethal. When we conclude an agreement, of course we must provide ourselves with intuition and precision.

TORO From April 21 to May 20 LOVE Why not rest the weekend? It will do you good to recharge and start over. You will transform your life according to your wishes. WORK Ingenious and attractive, no one will prevent it! You can improve your position, say goodbye to a collaboration. HEALTH You can not find a happy means! Leave your body all the essential nutrients without excess. LOVE: passion will be the undisputed protagonist of this week. For most of the time, in fact, feelings and ardor will be the masters. So do not risk losing a chance for life: the person of dreams has finally noticed! WORK: Thanks to the constant commitment and determination you can make that qualitative leap you deserve. Those who are looking for a job will have the opportunity to find the dream job. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, which almost never fails. HEALTH: stress and anxiety can damage the physical and mental state. Try to get rid of the routine! Mars together 1 increases your energy, but you can feel the Venus square and get angry because things are not as good as you would like. The trunk with Pluto brings strength: it can be transformed into strategic ability or obsession. Choose well … Do not trust those who promise, those that make everything look easy, those who try to thank you in any way. The unwanted expenses are "more necessary and not delayed, for example, for repairs.

GEMINI From May 21 to June 20 LOVE Stories, wedding or cohabitation projects will be made thanks to the enchanting new moon in your signal. WORK The phase of the New Moon will mark an innovative path that will see you in full expansion. HEALTH You will recover energy thanks to Uranus, although Mars will make a little tired, but you can recover it. Make a diet! LOVE: in this period the Moon, smooth and crossing, favors your sentimental sphere. Circumstances favorable for a new meeting. If you have a stable relationship, you can renew the relationship. However, the opportunity to appear without fear arrived. WORK: In the professional field, the position of Mercury advises prudence, especially with direct superiors. The positive aspect is the collaboration climate that exists between colleagues. It is not the moment of ambitious investments. HEALTH: we do not exist in well-being. The small disturbances are likely and you also feel tired. Reflect each word with its best half, because the risk of misunderstandings and misunderstandings hides around the corner. Lonely hearts can have friends available to help them in case of need. Many projects seem difficult to put into practice, but, joining their most trusted colleagues or partners, the business will be less arduous than expected. Finance waiting, waiting for a future recovery of the general economy.

CANCER From June 21 to July 22 LOVE Despite the harsh Saturn, the dark Pluto, the aggressive Uranus continues to make you restless, Venus will know how to make you open your heart again. WORK: Understanding your state of restlessness is not easy: it has been exposed to the judgment of many people, but the planets will give you the opportunity to improve. HEALTH Recover and find balance, but be careful of excesses during the weekend. LOVE: Your partner's trip is evolving in a positive way and allows you to make important projects, such as getting married, putting a child in the garden or buying a home. Simple, for now it is better to concentrate on friendships. WORK: To complete your projects and carry out the usual tasks, you must double your commitment. It is the simplest and most effective way to fight Saturn in the opposition. Significant benefits are not expected. Health: physical and mental energies are dwindling. We recover them with an extra dose of relaxation, but also with natural supplements. Venus warms the heart, but the economic and labor problems are in the foreground (especially after the weekend). In love from 27 of the stars … to the doubts! In love you are looking, admired, desired. But dare (or leave Osino) on the 26th: after Cupid turns his back and the cupid glee blows for a while, there. The only friend makes you breathe better and recover with pains that you take for a while. Care in the workplace. And if the savings are not strong, on the other hand, the time has come to work harder.

Horoscope Paolo Fox Leone, Virgin, Libra and Scorpio

LEON From July 23 to August 22 LOVE "Ruberete" caresses and passion without raising so many problems! You will not miss the meetings "imprisoned and executed". WORK Re-propose a project that you have reviewed and perfected with great commitment, hoping that your efforts will be appreciated. Health Your psychophysical conditions will be generally good. Your mattress resels you so much attention, but all these attentions end up choking you. For lonely hearts that have just come to a sentimental story that ended abruptly: take the time to put your ideas in order and get back in courage. A generous gesture towards a partner in difficulty and his altruism will not go unnoticed. Those who have to give a speech in public may be embarrassed by lack of public attention. If you are not convinced, it is better to postpone an expense. LOVE: when the proposal you've waited for will be made, do not believe in your ears. Singles are one step away from the crowning of a dream; On the other hand, those who are in couples enjoy stability. WORK: The best opportunities to play several times even if you do not always see them. In the office a partner will help you take advantage of a favorable situation. When something does not convince you, talk to him immediately and do not let the misunderstandings develop.
HEALTH: a balanced diet and healthy physical activity that will allow you to achieve a truly enviable aspect.

VIRGIN From August 23 to September 22 LOVE Some doubts refresh the relationship sentimental, subject to states of jealousy and confrontations. Do not lose joy. WORK The "tough" planets in Taurus continue to disturb their way. You will have to face each other, adopting strategies, but the excellent planetary arrangements will make you win. HEALTH You will have the opportunity to recover and solve some small disturbances. LOVE ^ take things with simplicity, let go without thinking too much and avoid unnecessary disagreements with your partner. With Venus in opposition, it is not good that lonely hearts begin a relationship with a seemingly incompatible person. WORK: Not everything is always as you expect. With mercury not very positive, there are no obstacles and delays excluded. You can avoid being far from low-cost contracts and without wasting financial resources. HEALTH: in order to maintain a good mental and physical balance, it is necessary to sculpt some moments, but healthy, of deserved relaxation.

LIBRA From September 23 to October 22 LOVE For the Taurus planets, it depends on you to understand what you really want from your relationship so you can renew it like this. WORK You will have to deal with many things carefully: documents to re-order, contracts, bank accounts, assets that you have in common with the spouse. HEALTH Its condition will depend on an internal state of fermentation. LOVE: take things with simplicity, let go without thinking too much and avoid unnecessary disagreements with your partner. With Venus in opposition, it is not good that lonely hearts begin a relationship with a seemingly incompatible person. WORK: Not everything is always as you expect. With mercury not very positive, there are no obstacles and delays excluded. You can avoid being far from low-cost contracts and without wasting financial resources. HEALTH: in order to maintain a good mental and physical balance, it is necessary to sculpt some moments, but healthy, of deserved relaxation.

SCORPIO From October 23 to November 21 LOVE If your relationship is hectic, you may have to be wiser than your partner to soothe the water. WORK It will devote to administrative procedures to obtain a mortgage or loan for your home or to finance a new activity. In the office you will have to defend yourself from some reproach. HEALTH Fast-paced dynamism will cause exhaustion: take the correct precautions. LOVE: the positivity of Sun and Mercury simplifies the dialogue with the person of the heart and allows it to easily overcome the misunderstandings. However, you have to be patient, because the opposition of Mars accentuates the nervousness during the weekend. Good news for singles. WORK: There may be good opportunities to make profitable businesses. Job seekers can send their resume and have interviews in the tourist and commercial sector. HEALTH: having fun with a short and carefree weekend trip is an undoubtedly winning idea.

Daily Horoscope Paul Fox Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Fish

SAGITARIO From December 22 to 20 LOVE The planets and the Moon know how to satisfy us and satisfy us. In addition, you will have such enthusiasm that you can move extraordinary energies! WORK During the last months it has created new situations and took advantage of the opportunities that this week will want a concrete accomplishment. HEALTH Your welfare will be tested by the unharmonic influence of the Sun. Resists Bright, communicative, intuitive but also rational: your mind will be as sharp as a razor blade. It's a pity that your language may also be and this, combined with transits that can make you more susceptible, could lead to a very unstable period for all kinds of relationships. However, for you to know how to take advantage of the qualities of the month, use them to reflect on the length, before talking and sowing the disagreement. Use cunning, from which you disagree, not strong forces. LOVE: misunderstandings are now a distant memory. Thanks to Jupiter and Venus, the sincere feelings triumph and the couple's stability is assured. Lonely hearts should make a more mundane life if they want to know love. WORK: Try to pay attention to the new financial investments, considering whether they can bring the necessary benefits or not. Few but good opportunities for those who work in the artistic sector and in the field of the sale of beauty products. HEALTH: Do not overdo it with very caloric foods and alcoholic beverages or with too many sugars. Summer is not that far …

CAPRICORN From the 21st to the 19th of January LOVE Romantic Venus and Sensual Mars will stimulate your passion. Take advantage! The period will favor new stories and conceptions. WORK The "winds" of fortune will push and bring rich gifts. Those who want to try their luck can do it, but be careful. HEALTH Stars will move in favor, but beware of some intolerance caused by the "bad" Moon. With Mars in the sign of energy surely you do not lose, you have a healthy and robust air, but the elegance and beauty you pursue as the number one lens is still out of reach: there is something to develop. The same thing happens with health, led by the Moon in the sixth house, friend of its star, Venus, more ambitious and pretentious than ever, high in quadrature sky. In the song I do not buy anything to say, there is as much as you like, but love as a romantic feeling remains a mirage. LOVE: the stars focus on the things that must be resolved in the couple, who can face constructive dialogue and the necessary understanding. Singles should focus less on daily problems and more on their feelings. WORK: You have the opportunity to better develop the winning ideas and the new and old projects. Mars and Mercury offer you the right push to overcome obstacles with determination. Increase collections for freelancers. HEALTH: Optimism and serenity are two good allies to maintain optimal well-being.

AQUARIUS From January 20 to February 18 LOVE Some dissonant planets could make you nervous and "litigarelli." Try to solve the differences. WORK You are being the subject of unfair people! It will be appropriate to verify relationships with some employees and definitively close a person who has been deceiving some time. HEALTH You will be subjected to nervous tension that could lead to disturbances. LOVE: thanks to Venus, what is happening insistently in your orbit, you can conquer the heart of a new flame or revive the passion of your partner. Leave the feelings free and everything will work for the best. WORK: Someone will try to exploit an important project underneath the nose, so keep your eyes open. However, his leadership is not in question: his star shines more than ever in this period and there are no ideas left. HEALTH: the work thoughts and the resulting stress offer a feeling of exhaustion that should not be overlooked. It takes more time for you.

PISCES From February 19 to March 20 LOVE A renewed passion will soften many situations: some will find their soul mate, others are in the process of conquest. WORK You will spend more, maybe to invest money in a building. It will do a good deal. HEALTH You will be in full fermentation and this may be weakened, but you will not suffer. However, you would do well to rest. LOVE: Pluto, a precious ally, will give him moments of pure passion, while Neptune will promote the novel. Bearing in mind there are also many interesting innovations that can confuse your ideas: breathe deeply and reflect. The solution is just around the corner. WORK: The transit of Saturn will be crucial, because it will help him to counter Jupiter, an enemy of his ability to evaluate, giving him stability and precision. Even if with some difficulty, your commitment will be reimbursed. HEALTH: Be careful not to throw anxieties related to discussions and changes in food.

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