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Huawei designs a smart phone with 4 cameras. We all become photographers!

The next high-end intelligent phone company of the Chinese company Huawei will be provided four cameras. If you think there were so many of the three P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro models of the same manufacturer, you ask yourself: what is the purpose of the room? At the moment there is no precise answer about the function that Huawei intends to associate with the fourth sensor. But we can have an idea inspired by Galaxy A9, the only smartphone currently in circulation with 4 rear cameras. Of these, the room serves for the depth of field. To the contrary, the width of the background area in which the photo objects are still crisp (in focus). It supports the main camera, and its function is only to help you set more accurately the position of the subject in the scene you want to shoot.

What we need from the other three sensors that we already know, has just analyzed the equipment of the P20 Pro main sensor It is the component in charge of the greatest work. This is what in a SLR would we define the "standard lens", which is the task of Capture images at the highest resolution possible and with realistic and bright colors. That is why, among all the photographic sensors on the phones, it has the largest number of megapixels (40 in the case of the P20 Pro).

As for the second sensor there are two possibilities. It is usually an instrument that does not capture colors and has the only function of allow as much light as possible. It serves for maximum brightness, which is essential, for example, in the photos at night. We wanted to compare with the SLR, we could put in the plane a small focal lens with a high aperture (for example, a value equal to f 1.2).

Starting with the Mate 20 Pro model, however, Huawei replaced this one solution wide angle sensor. It is basically a lens with a wider angle of recovery than the standard. Normally it is used for panoramas or to photograph very big subjects, like buildings, but it is also useful to portray large groups of people, without having to deviate much. We believe that the next Huawei smartphone will replicate this solution, instead of returning to the monochrome.

The third sensor used to accelerate; When you use it, it's like a telephoto lens in a traditional camera. zooming The picture to photograph is precisely this component that works, "approaching the themes". At this point there is the Second news announced by Huawei. On average, sensors of this type allow an optical zoom of 3x, which is 3 times the standard optics. Huawei aims to improve it reach 10x.

In addition to new technologies, the news of Huawei (officially confirmed by Walter Ji, president of the Consumer Business Group for Europe) is a clear signal that Those who purchase a new smartphone always attach more importance to the quality of the pictures they carry, more than other aspects. The next top of the Chinese producer promises sparks, we just have to wait to see them. The appointment is probably after the Mobile World Congress 2019, which will be held in March.

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