Tuesday , July 27 2021

In diabetes, 18% do not have the right treatment: at risk of rights and therapies

ROMA – Today is the World Diabetes DayFounded in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization. Diabetes is one Generally tortuous illness, very well-known in the name but little in the real life, and for that sometimes cured poorly or late.

7% of the Italian population suffers from diabetes, Almost 4 million people and these objects18% are "invisible" patients, not dealt with in specialized centers. Numbers intended to grow, with the increase of obesity and the shortage of economic resources invested in cures and therapies to avoid complications of the pathology. To start the alarm it is Raffaele Scalpone, a diabetes doctor, responsible for the diabetes service at the Italian Institute of Neurotraumatology and president of the Italian association for the defense of the interests of diabetics.

"In recent years, the lives of the diabetics have improved, the research continues and the treatments are perfected. However, a diabetic, in addition to the daily struggle with the disease, must face a series of difficulties, starting with The essential right to take care of and protect the workplace, both at risk for lack of economic resources– explains the expert – The costs of new therapies, innovative medications and devices capable of stopping the evolution of diabetes are high and in the near future, if Regions do not provide ad hoc funds, they will not be available to all. the sick ".

But access to care already shows difficulty. "18% of patients presenting the initial forms of diabetes are given to the general practitioner," invisible "patients who should have available centers and specialized doctors who can implement preventative strategies for diabetic pathology – still observes Scalpone- the incidence of diabetes is increasing why obesity is on the increase and the risk in the future is to reach 30% of untreated diabetics due to lack of funds, resulting in an increase in cardio-circulatory complications and the loss of the possibility of leading a normal life. "

The appeal is, therefore, to the Regions, so it starts uniform device management and proceed to one greater allocation of funds for the treatment of diabetes: "We must avoid having different health systems, having in Tuscany facilities that do not exist in Campania – says the diabetologist. In the regions, the management agreements and the use of devices must be homogeneous and more funds should be assigned for treatment, otherwise, we risk that innovative drugs capable of stopping the development of diabetes will not be available to all. The assignment – concludes the expert – must be uniform in terms of the quality of the services provided and the product purchased, with bidding transparent and identical throughout Italy ".

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