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Industry: Lombardy production slows down – Lombardy


The economic situation is stable. Bonometti creates favorable conditions

(ANSA) – MILAN, NOVEMBER 6 – Lombardy industrial production,
According to the economic analysis of the third quarter, increases to
Trend level of 3.4% (average figure for the first three
quarters), almost in line with the average growth of 2017 (+ 3.7%),
although the economic data of the third quarter recorded one
small negative change (-0.4%).
"The manufacturing engine of Italy, after a series of
Quarters of sustained and constant growth, it diminishes and it risks
to stop if these favorable conditions are not created
for the development and growth of companies, "stresses the
president of Confindustria Lombardia Marco Bonometti taking control
that "refers to employment with a flat labor market,
despite the positive reabsorption of almost 100% of the money
integration ".
The positive economic signals come from, on the other hand, of
Internal orders (+ 0.4% for economic variation) e
foreign (+ 2.3%), following the slowdown registered last year
quarter The result of the craft industry is still positive
a slight cyclical growth (+ 0.1%), while also slowing down
in this case trend data (+ 2.1% at the average of the first three
quarters). In this context, the occupation, in which it reacts
delay with respect to the production dynamics, presents signs of
Stability with entry and exit rates that are very close together
Them Expect the expectations of entrepreneurs
Industrial applications for external demand, while negative
Expectations for crafts, although it comes close to the area
positive The expectations of the declining industrialists
production and still negative of crafts, but also
In this case, approaching the positive area. (ANSA).


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