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information and images of the second generation

The second generation of Range Rover Evoque was finally revealed in London. Confermate the indiscretion similarity with Velar.

And finally the attesa per nuova is over Range Rover Evoque, a model of success for Land Rover, launched in 2010, which is imposed by its design at the forefront of the event Gerry McGovern. Talk about the indiscretion of the eve of the second generation of it Evoque, ricalca le orme del progetto Velar, "the most beautiful car of the world", eat certificate dai giudici che le hanno assegnato il World Car Design of the Year 2018. I have been following the information on the model that has invented the segment of the SUV compatti premium conquering 217 internationally renowned.

Nuova Range Rover Evoque: as done

The look and evolution and not a revolution of the fortune used. The nuova Evoke presents the same measures in lenght (437 cm) ed in width (199 cm), but is less than 2 cm (164 cm). The pass, 268 cm, and has not been extended beyond 2 cm. La somiglianza with the Watch It is black and white in front of it, in which the super matrix LED subtle matrix lines are divided by a frontal mascherina more contained in its dimensions. Il profilo laterale evidences a line of coupé characterized by dall'andamento del tetto and dalla line of inclined belt common to all Range Rover. Line finishes with a spoiler posteriore sul tetto that takes full advantage of the lunotto, anch'esso more contained in its dimensions. I optical groups, united in style Watch Given a fake look, we have received the same treatment from the previous ones and now they give you dynamic direction indicators.

The pass allungato has led to a better habitability internal, I offered more space for the gambe and afternoon sessions, and an increase in the capacity of the baggage now covers 591 liters with seats in use and 1,383 liters with slip-covered seats. Even the impostazione dell'abitacolo richiama quello della già citata sorella maggiore, with a display of the infotainment system Land Rover Touch Pro Duo Well integrated into the plancia which is possible gesture of air conditioning, audio equipment and security devices. Beyond the central touchscreen HD is 10 "ed to the digital cruscotto of 12.3" LED steering wheel, it does not lack the head Up Display to colori. The integration of the smartphone and car affair to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while later we find and carry the tablet with Ricarica. There is also a Wi-Fi hotspot available for 4 devices (for 8 devices) and six USB positioning in different points of the device.

Nuova Range Rover Evoque: motors and mechanics and ADAS

The vent of the available engines includes six engine Ingenium to four cylinders, from gasoline and three diesel. The most efficient of these and il 150 HP diesel The previous traction has an emission of 143 g / km (NEDC Equivalent) and consumes 5.4 l / 100km; It is more effective if you put the 300 hp 4X4 to gasoline, with 400 Nm of a pair, emitting 186 g / km (NEDC Equivalent) and consuming it at 8.1 l / 100 km.

The new architecture and projected for electrification, with a mild-hybrid 48 Volt available at launch and one hybrid plug-in In about 12 months later. Il mild hybrid and a novelty for Land Rover: This system automatically regains the energy normally during the deceleration thanks to a generator / starter to cinghia posizionato sul motor, and immagazzina in a subtidal battery. At a lower speed at 17 km / h, when the driver stops, the engine will spit. Everything about the stored energy is reused to assist the engine in acceleration reducing and consuming.

The nuova Evoke and equipped with the Active Driveline, an electronic distribution system for the couple from the busts, improves the adherence and security of the sterzata, particularly in curve. Traveling at a constant speed, the Driveline Disconnect system, disinserts the transfer to the rear of the vehicle in order to avoid any loss of activity and consumption, so that it can be relieved by a refueling operation when it is damaged, avoiding any loss of traction. The light is released from the ground and 212 mm, the anchors of the attack and the length of sleep 25 ° previously and 30,6 ° later.

Il Terrain Response 2 is available in series for the first time around 'Evoque con trazione 4×4 and automatic transmission. This system prevents four driving modes: comfort, sand, four-ghiaia-snow-mud and solos. With the nuova Auto mode, the Evoque may automatically choose the more detailed regulations for the terrain and will perfectly chip the distribution of the couple.

Serialize the camcorder to retransmit all its modes, together with a set of advanced guidance helplines. These include the Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist, which is based on the horizontal signal – keeps the vehicle in the center of the corset and, in turn, a safety distance from the previous one.

Nuova Range Rover Evoque: pricing for Italy

In Italy, from this moment is possible to order the nuova Range Rover Evoque with price from the Euro 44,500 for the version of 150 hp, 4 wheel drive, automatic change. The 2 wheel drive version will not be available at launch.

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