Sunday , January 17 2021

Mandarin diet: 4 kilos way in 7 days

Mandarin diet, you heard? Now that the cold season arrives, Mandarin is a fruit that never fails in our tables. Fresh, sweet and good will be the protagonist of the diet we propose today and promises to lose up to 4 pounds per week.

Did you know that among the citrus fruits, the tangerine is the best to recover the form thanks to very few calories (53 per 100 grams) and the fibers it contains? It's true
Tangerines help fight the sense of hunger, become satiated, help digest, promote intestinal transit, deflate the stomach and counteract fluid retention. But the Mandarin is not perfect just to lose weight: it is a fruit that helps to feel good in general. Tangerines contain vitamin C that helps ward off seasonal illnesses. Eating mandarins daily strengthens the immune system and returns dazzlingly. Continue reading after the photo

In addition to magnesium, iron and folic acid, vitamin P in the tangerine pulp is useful for protecting mucous membranes and capillaries, but above all to promote diuresis. It is the last one that, when deflating, helps to lose weight quickly. But that is not all: tangerine is also good for the bones, intestines and maintains constant blood pressure thanks to calcium, potassium and the fibers it contains. Continue reading after the photo

But how does the Mandarin diet work in practice? It is a balanced diet within which this fruit is inserted, to get all the benefits. Let's see how the day is organized. As soon as you wake up you drink a good glass of warm and lemon water that reactivates metabolism and purifies the body. Then, breakfast with green tea, tangerine juice and yogurt. Continue reading after the photo

Then? At lunch, a good rice dish with tangerines and fennel and a plate of cooked vegetables is fine. At dinner, advance with lean meat or grilled fish. To tear mandarins and black olives. As a sandwich, taste a tangerine juice or almond, always remembering drinking at least two liters of water every day. Follow this diet for a week and you will lose 4 pounds. Try for yourself.

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