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Modena, deactivated because of the mandatory vaccine: the Ministry has to pay half a million

MODENA – irreversible damage to the mandatory vaccine: half a million euros for the family. After a long and painful affair started in 2004, a TAR decision established that spouses also have the right to a second section of compensation.

The diagnosis is "chronic cerebropathy with a severe backlog in learning, symptomatic epilepsy, post-natal encephalopathy and visual deficiency." The cause: the hexavalent vaccine.

In 2013, based on complex assessments, the judge established a causal link between the administration (in 2004) of Infanrix Hexa and the diseases that originate immediately in the newborn (at the moment three months). The civil lawsuit against the Ministry of Health began in 2011.

On February 20, the second section of the Regional Administrative Court found the illegality of the silence of the Ministry of Health regarding the application for additional compensation submitted by the family according to Law No. 229 of 2005. It is, in fact, the recognition for damages caused by complications of irreversible type, caused precisely by mandatory vaccinations. The judges condemned the Ministry to pay the due date no later than ninety days.

"The first symptoms arose in the child after the bite: we talked about the hexavalent vaccine – explains the local edition of or the rest of Carlino the family lawyer, the lawyer Francesco Terruli – and the court, with a penalty of 2013, given the technical advice of the office, acknowledged the link between the administration of the vaccine (against pertussis, tetanus, polio, among others) and the deficits The Ministry paid a first tranche after the first sentence of the Tar to which we addressed precisely because nothing had still been paid in spite of the dictated sentence. So – explains the lawyer – as additional compensation is provided by law 229 of 2005, we present in 2017 another issue to obtain compensation, precisely because the conditions of the teenager are serious. However, the Ministry has again been silent. On February 20, the TAR was shown fairly, condemning it to pay the amounts due by law to Modena's spouses and paid as a minor damages and assistance. "

"The spouses are read in the sentence – with application of May 2016, they made the request to obtain the additional compensation recognized in favor of the subjects damaged by the vaccination. With a letter sent to the Ministry in February 2017, the applicants requested the payment of The compensation, but the ministry, when communicating as the child had been included in the next classification, did not make the payment nor even include the child in the ranking. "

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