Tuesday , June 22 2021

Naples, woman intubated in the hospital covered with ants | Region Campania suspends doctors and nurses

After the report, the inspection of Nas carabinieri took off: "Ants could enter through a crack in the wall"

An intubated woman was submerged by ants in a hospital in Naples. It happened in the Department of Medicine of San Juan Bosco and the complaint is by Francesco Emilio Borrelli, regional adviser of the Greens, after the reports of some citizens. The neighborhood room is closed by claim, where "the condition of women is unacceptable," adds Borrelli. The inspection of the Nascar Carabinieri took place in the hospital. According to military forces, the ants could enter through a crack in the wall. Region Campania suspends doctors and nurses.

The report – "After our complaint, medical director Giuseppe Matarazzo closed the cleaning and cleaning room," said Borrelli, "the woman, unable to communicate, passively undergo the cruelty of those who allowed this. Our request, an internal investigation to verify how this was possible and punish those responsible. " The regional councilor, who also posted a video showing the woman on the net and covered with ants, defined the patient's condition as "unacceptable."

The inspection of the Nas – In the Neapolitan hospital, following the report, the inspection of the Nascar Carabinieri took place. San Giovanni Bosco's director of health, Giuseppe Matarazzo, also attended the ceremony, which supported military activities.

The crack hypothesis – According to the Carabinieri das Nas the ants could be insert a crack in the wall next to the cradle about which the woman was hospitalized. This crack focused on the attention of the military and the Inspector of ASL Napoli 1, who are investigating the case. This is one of the possible hypotheses to examine.

Region Campania suspends doctors and nurses – Doctors and nurses who provide services in the room are subject to investigation and a precautionary suspension. This was stated by the Region of Campania in a note.

The previous one – Already in June of 2017, always the same hospital and always thanks to the images spread by Borrelli, a similar story had jumped to the headlines. A woman, admitted to the general medical department, had been immortalized in a dirty bed infested with ants.

The medical director: "We will determine the responsibility" – "Until yesterday there was no similar situation, in any case, all the procedures were started to determine the responsibility and the causes of what happened." Thus, the medical director of the San Giovanni Bosco hospital in Naples, Giuseppe Matarazzo, comments on the case. "As adviser Borrelli informed – add Matarazzo – I have proceeded to close the room and clean and clean the area and transfer the patient to another room."

As reported, this is a non-EU, chronically ill woman, who should embark on a scheduled flight but, taking into account her health conditions, she was admitted to the Neapolitan hospital.

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