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Offer flash, obstacles in the Capital and in Cisco. The news of Iliad

The news of the world iliad They never fail and as you know, it's a pleasure to keep up to date. What happened these days in the universe of the Iliad? Bombshell of April 11, which surprisingly saw the fourth mobile operator come up with a super-offer, even if it is limited edition. But before reaching the heart of today's publication, we invite you to download the free application for Iliad fans. Click here to go to the Google Play Store.

The Week of the Iliad
The Week of the Iliad, every Saturday, the point of the situation in the fourth mobile operator. Here are the main news of the week.

From April 11 to 15, 2019, in fact, you can subscribe to Iliad, via the number or portability of another operator, choosing the super offer whose details you can read in this link.


But everything that shines is not gold because Iliad continues to have problems in some areas of Italy that prevent or slow down the realization of the proprietary network.

In fact, these days or antitrust reported that the telephone operator is receiving several oppositions Rome Capital for the installation of new towers in the entire municipal area.

The obstructionism also to make changes to existing towers such as those of Wind Tre to which Iliada, as we know, trust.

Disgusted to say that this type of waste is not as positive as it may seem to some, on the contrary delays the technological development necessary not only for a company but also for customers who use the services of this company.

This, obviously, includes towers for the implementation of the next 5G that we know is not well seen by people who still use the excuse of too many electromagnetic emissions.

AGCM (Competition and Market Authority) He reports that these behaviors violate the rules to protect competition and the market.

We must also remember that Iliad has coverage obligations provided by the Ministry of Economic Development, this wanting to prevent any cost is not good for anyone.

Cisco works with ILIAD

Fortunately, the net of negative news has learned that Iliad does not stay still and does not see or expect the Italian bureaucracy to take its course, but continue to work on the implementation of an efficient and sound proprietary network and improving the support of Wind Tre.

The world leader in networks and IT Cisco In fact, in recent days it announced that it has started a collaboration with Iliad to implement a new generation IP network.

The new standard is based Routing of IPv6 Segments (SRv6), to offer a new mobile offer in Italy.

This new network will allow the fourth operator to offer a more reliable and flexible mobile network in the near future, helping to reduce CapEx (capital expenditure) and OpEx (operating expenses).

In fact, one of the objectives of Iliad has always been to be able to offer the maximum trying to spend less or better to deliver optimized without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

With this new IP-based network Cisco, we are equipped to continuously offer innovative services to our end customers while benefiting from a simple and scalable infrastructure, he declared Thomas Reynaud, CEO of the iliad group.

ILIAD. Other offers still active

We would like to remind you that, in addition to the aforementioned super FLASH offer, the other offers can still be activated from the official website or from the Iliad store or through Simbox. Here are the offers that can still be activated and remember that it is not yet possible to change the offer for those who are already customers.

  • Iliad Giga 50 It includes unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 Giga of data traffic 2G / 3G / 4G at the expense of € 7.99 per month (see direct link). In Europe, there are 4 Giga dedicated data traffic;
  • Iliad Giga 40 Includes unlimited minutes and text messages with 40 Giga of data traffic 2G / 3G / 4G at the expense of € 6.99 per month. In Europe, 3 Giga are available and are included in calls to landlines and mobile numbers in Canada and the United States and landlines in other countries of the world;
  • Voice of Iliad It includes unlimited minutes and text messages with 40 MB of internet for the price of 4.99 euros per month (here is the direct link). The full amount of data traffic is available for roaming browsing, but calls to international landlines and mobile phones are not included.

We also remem- ber that Iliad's offers always include an initial and unique activation fee of 9.99 euros that is added at the price of the first monthly rate in advance of the selected offer.

We'll see you next week to get more updates and updates from the Iliad world. As always now, space for comments. We are interested in knowing what you think. Tell us the following.

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