Friday , January 15 2021

or Piccone A.X.E. is it only available in the store?

Fortanite tireless datamers found in the folds of the code of the latest update of the data that would suggest the imminent arrival of Pickaxe A.X.E. o set A.I.M. in the store and, above all, the impossibility on the part of the users of the real battle of epic to get it in other ways than through V-Buck.

At the beginning of week 7 of season 6, Fortnite Battaglia Reale players were able to unlock the mythical A.I.M. Robotic Skins. and the legendary back decorative E.L.I.M. as exclusive rewards of the last Hunt Hunting Challenge.

However, most of the times that Piccone was rumored, weird AX, we lost track: for this reason, the Fortamite dataminer focused on this object and, submerging the lines of code, discovered a file that would bring the peak as an unlockable object exclusively through the purchase of V-Buck in Shop Objects accessible in all versions of Fortnite Battle Real for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile systems iOS and Android.

If it is confirmed, the indiscretion that would be seen by Piccone A.X.E. becoming a Premium object that can not be achieved by completing the weekly Challenges, Battleships, Battle Pass activities and the challenges related to the natural progression of the gaming experience would be bad news for all completers wishing to acquire all the equipment elements and the aesthetic objects of the AIM set without having to resort to microtransactions.

About Fortnite, you knew that TFUE e mantle of the famous FaZe Clan had to suspend the venerator last Friday to house two policemen in his house in response to a mysterious convocation of an attempt to enter an unspecified "fan" of the dynamic duo of pro-American gamers?

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