Thursday , July 29 2021

Petrol price: it must cost € 0.50 per liter, therefore


In the last year gasoline, diesel and gas prices increased by 9.8%. In Italy the total cost and some 60 euros although 64% of this cost is not for the fuel but for the state. In fact, the fiscal load of each liter of fuel is 64%: the surcharge does not gasoline is 0.728 euros per liter; 61 cents for o diesel fuel, 14 cents for the GPL and 40 for the heating oil.

An inter-bank writes that "we all note this increase in fuel prices and still in Italy the cost of a liter of gasoline without taxes and taxes would be 50 cents per liter"And that" By removing taxes and special taxes, the cost per liter would be the same with other European countries, that is to say 0.50 cents per liter. And while other countries pay for fuel, Italy stays at the top of the list for the fiscal weight per liter: as well 1 euro more per liter".

Price increase not only for fuel

The consequences are not only that we pay a full tank of gas of 1 euro more per liter but the tendency of fuel prices affects the price of many other consumer products because, if the transport increases by 10%, the products we buy increase 11% e Taxpayers will pay a tax of 42% more to cover transportation costs and to increase the product you buy.

The European Union has established that there is a minimum level of excise duty on fuels in which it can not be lowered however, the minimum level is Half of the fees charged by Italy. "For the EU the minimum cost in gasoline is 0.359 euros. Therefore, we have the margins to reduce at least half the taxes per liter of fuel."

The fuel, therefore, serves to bring fresh money to the state coffers: taxes in this way decide on consumption with an inverted progression that will weigh more on the less populated classes of the population that constitute a true social injustice.

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