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Primary PD, at the beginning the comparison "At least one million voters in the viewpoint"

It is the first and only direct confrontation between the three aspiring secretaries of the Democratic Party. At 13 hours in the study of Sky Tg24 is the challenge between Nicola Zingaretti, Maurizio Martina and Roberto Giachetti.

The final resources

The final resources. Martina: "Convinced of democratic values ​​to counter the drift. Only debut between us, we will join forces. We have built a project that speaks with the future of the country." Zingaretti: "Only a year ago, the game of Pd lost forever. And instead the bipolarity returns. But we must change to be credible. We need candidates for change, credible and open. This unique way to change. Courage and confidence. "Giachetti:" I talk to those who left. You decide to go back or move on. We want to return to the original Democratic Party project. But you have to come and vote for me and Anna Ascani. "

Applications among candidates

Candidates may ask themselves questions. Martina to Giachetti: After Primary you will continue working with us regardless of the final result? Giachetti: "I have been in the minority for many years, always adapting to me. It all depends on the future of how the options will be. I am in a community not in a barracks. If the Democratic Party goes with M5S or brings back those who have left, it is no longer my party. "Zingaretti in Martina: he calls for a vote on Sunday. Martina:" The opponents are Salvini and Di Maio, not Giachetti and Zingaretti We need a great popular operation to change the country. " Giachetti to Zingaretti: Is Article 18 Wishing to Reinsert? Zingaretti: "We had a lot of struggle and commented a bit. They are for a new labor reform."

With whom for Erasmus?

Imagine leaving for Erasmus. Who would you choose with one of you or with Calenda or Renzi? Zingaretti: "I would like to leave with Calenda. Very curious person It would be an adventure, but why be afraid? "Giachetti:" I chose Renzi's entire life. "Martina:" I could never ask Matteo after Fiorentina-Atalanta 3-3. I would ask Carlo Calenda why there's a lot to work together. "

How to behave with Venezuela?

Venezuela's case: with the United States or in another position? Martina: "I'm with Europe. Be ashamed of this battered government. "Zingaretti:" Avoiding the tragedy of military intervention. In Italy, non-existent foreign policy, we pay a very high price in terms of insulation. "Giachetti:" The government broke the continuity of politics. The government supports a dictatorship. "

What economic policy do you want?

What economic policy? Giachetti: "We need to collect pieces from others. In the VAT it is necessary to rebalance. We are no longer talking about spending review. We need to start a maneuver that is in line with Europe. "Martina:" A dramatic economic situation, the government is leading us to a perfect storm. Put the tax rebalancing in the center to create resources to invest. " Zingaretti: "I asked and asked to spend the money there. 140 million to spend. Major works on hydrogeological instability, safety and environmental rehabilitation. Do not spend because they fight for everything. "

Income of citizenship

Citizenship income: if you go to the government, would you abolish it? Zingaretti: "I do not want to abolish what is there. Our inclusion was better. We had to put more money on it. Agree with the tools to fight poverty. But jobs must also be created. Investments are needed to create real work. Otherwise, it becomes a subjection income. "Giachetti:" It's a poisoned dumplings for people who suffer. I would change and money would use to include income and lower taxes at work. A completely different philosophical-political choice. "Martina: "I would change it, I would work to break the tax wedge and improve the income of inclusion. I will introduce the legal minimum wage ".

Security policies

Salvini built his success for fear. Do you feel responsible? Martina: "The decisive challenge on these problems. We must demonstrate that there is another way to deal with security and migration policies. We do not want the extreme west. "Zingaretti:" We took the country from a deep crisis, but we did not see the growth of inequalities that are the basis of fear. We could not understand this topic. The League gives the worst answers. " Giachetti: «Urgency managed by Minniti. But we must take a step forward. We need a new project based on integration. "

Clockwork Justice

The parents of Renzi, the justice of the clock? Giachetti: "No, bad justice and everyone is concerned. It is necessary to change justice, regardless of who is affected. The judiciary does not make politics but can make mistakes." Martina: "Maximum human respect, but also justice. However, there are great problems, based on the length of the processes. We need a more motivated and more serious discussion. Concerned about what the government does." Zingaretti: «Without conspiracy. But the accusation is not a conviction, we must be more cautious. Speed ​​up process times ».

How much is Renzi missing?

How much is Renzi missing? Zingaretti: "I never voted but always respected. I hope you do not mark. The party must be plural. We need everyone. "Giachetti:" We're not missing out because it's one of our emblematic weapons. Renzi is in the Democratic Party and we have to thank him for what he did. " Martina: «How much we are missing from Renzi? We can not relegate our debate to a Renzian-Antichristian dilemma. We are all democratic. The ambition for change and innovation in recent years remains crucial. I do not ask anyone to come back. "

The majority vocation

What remains of the majority vocation indicated by Walter Veltroni at the birth of the Democratic Party in 2007? Martina: "Veltroni's ambition continues to be a celebration with a majority vocation. We have to reconstruct the center with a new theme. Not replicas of past forms. " Zingaretti: "There are no alliances with 5 stars and League. Do not assemble the pieces of the past. We must rebuild empathy with people pointing to a perspective. New left center and no exclusions for anyone. " Giachetti: "majority vote still valid".

The path to comparison

Journalist Fabio Vitale presents guests and explains the rules of the comparison. The first to speak is Roberto Giachetti: "We are the only ones who have selected the ruling class with the vote of the members. Our first real primaries. I do not give numbers or about the participation in the primary ones or the result to the Europeans." Maurizio Martina: "I expect more than 20% to Europeans. Primary, I look at the efforts of many militants. On Sunday I await a day of great democratic participation. I think we can reach a million people. "Nicola Zingaretti:" We need to bring in at least one million people to gazebos. The PD is sick but only alternative. "

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