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symptoms, peak and predictions. How long

Influence January 2019: Symptoms, Peak and Predictions. How long

Symptoms affect January 2019, which are

It arrives in 2019 and for many the influence comes; However, there is no reason to panic. In fact, despite being one The pathology should not be underestimated, often just a little rest and the right dose of medication to overcome discomfort without difficulty.

Influenza January 2019: a bad known one

Nothing new is expected regarding past seasons; In practice, the magnitude of the epidemic should not exceed the guard threshold (although last year is one of the "worst" in the last 15 years). In fact, two of the four strains of viruses that will cause the greatest number of infections are known to have been covered by vaccines last year; The two "innovations", on the other hand, are the basis of quadruple vaccinations already available.

In general, the flu is caused by Orthomixovirus; symptoms of high fever, muscle and joint pain, rhinorrhea (nausea), throat pain and various respiratory problems, as well as a feeling of exhaustion. Normally, healing completely within the week, it may take a little more time to completely cough cough and get rid of the feeling of discomfort.

Influence January 2019: One million Italians have already reached

At the beginning of the flu season, a million Italians were already affected; the trend seems to be on the same line as last year, so the likelihood that the peak of the epidemic occurs second or third week of January. In the end, the provisions of the Institute for epidemiological surveillance of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità report that they will be In all 5 million Italians they will be infected.

Race in extremis for vaccines, although you had to run to cover a lot before. Influenza vaccine administration is always useful, experts say, although doing so as quickly as possible can not be safe near the new year when the peak mentioned above will begin.



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