Tuesday , July 27 2021

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: 415 km and serial automatic pilot with 48,500 euros

With an almost amazing announcement, Tesla became official availability also in Italy of Tesla Model 3 in version pattern Range Plus, a model that will be placed at the heart of a constantly expanding range that today includes long distance versions with full drive and performance and that in the coming months it should host the cheapest Short Range (currently available only in the United States)

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now configurable online (following link) for the Italian market a price of 48,500 euros (excluding Ecobonus of 4,000 euros or 6,000 euros depending on the presence of a car to be discarded), which includes the system already Basic automatic pilot ("allows the car to guide, accelerate and restrain automatically according to the presence of other vehicles and pedestrians on the lane") Premium partial interiors (packages that include front seats with electrically adjustable heating in 12 positions, premium seat and finishing material, sound immersive sound system, standard navigator and maps, LED fog lamps, central console with support for objects, 4 USB ports and 2 phone bases

Model 3 Range Standard Plus, a rear traction, declares a maximum autonomy of 415 km in the WLTP cycle, a top speed of 225 km / h toAcceleration 0-100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. An additional alternative for those who do not require full traction of total traction (listed at € 59,100) or the acceleration of burning performance (€ 69,100).

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