Thursday , July 29 2021

that's what happened to Gigi's companion from Alessio

Anna Tatangelo

Anna Tatangelo cancels the show tonight: here's what happened

Tonight Anna Tatngelo had to play in the New Age of Roncade, in the province of Treviso to continue his tour, but unfortunately the concert was canceled. The reason? Gigi D'Alessio's partner felt bad because he had to give up all his Venetian fans who bought the ticket.

To reveal the news that he thought of his press office with a press release and later on the social channels of the singer of Sora he was hit by a traqueita and, therefore, not being able to give life to the concert.

Anna Tatangelo has a trachea

"I'm sorry to have to move the date tonight but, unfortunately, I have a trachea,"

wrote in a story on Instagram Anna Tatangelo, it gives bad news to all its followers. He then took the opportunity to thank all the fans who had recently attended the tour that is about to finish.

While everyone who compared the tickets to the show canceled tonight, just ask for a refund of the site Ticketmaster on May 11, 2019, informed the press office of the partner of Gigi D'Alessio. All information is available on the page or in authorized retail stores. For more information, contact the email address [email protected] or phone number 0422.841052.

La Tatangelo and Gigi D'Alessio: love is not on top

In addition to the health problem, Anna Tatangelo You are experiencing a beautiful love story with your partner Gigi D'Alessio. In addition, the singer of Sora is completing the tour linked to the Festival of Sanremo. In a recent interview, the journalist TV smiles and songs He asked the interested party if he married her with the Neapolitan. Changed the topic leaving. Meanwhile she, Gigi and her son Andrea The three are happy.

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