Thursday , October 28 2021

The campaign against the flu, the call to the workers of the health: "Vaccinatevi"


by Simone Pesci

The objective of the flu vaccine campaign, which started on November 5, is very clear: it exceeds 56.8% of more than 65% and 36% of health workers who used the previous year. And, if possible, it depletes the 75,600 vaccines available to buy other people to reach 83,000, which would mean that the population responded in a desired manner.

"There is a cultural theme linked to the fact that demographically Ferrara has become an ancient territory, therefore, less resistant to seasonal illnesses" goes directly to the point of Claudio Vagnini, general director of the Ausl. The invitation to be vaccinated goes, in addition to those over the age of 65 and those who are considered to be weaker for chronic or hospitalized and long-term illness, to all those who work in contact with people.

The main recommendation is for health workers because "the goal is to respond 100%", explains Vagnini, followed by Nicoletta Natalini Medical Director: "we assign the different departments the objectives, to ensure that they are responsible for the increase of vaccines for their operators ". After a summer in which the Western Nile emerges, Natalini expects a kind of precipitation in the clinics: "Against the mosquitoes you can do anti-money and everything you want, against the flu and you have no other deaths that you can avoid with the vaccination" .

"Last year in the region there were 48 deaths due to complications of the flu, of which seven in Ferrarese," notes Giuseppe Cosenza, director of the public health department that warns against the predictions "because viruses can always evolve." In short, the resource is clear and it also affects pregnant women. Two vaccines are available, as illustrated by Aldo De Togni, the Operating Unit of Public Hygiene: "A quadrival with four influenza virus antigens and a trivalent, but has characteristics that effectively stimulate the immune defenses of those who are weaker. The second is recommended for more than 65 ".

At the same time, it is possible to vaccinate against the pneumococcus, while the campaign against the tiles "has already had a very good response and has already exceeded 20% of the regional objective," said Sandro Guerra, director of the primary care department.

During the whole month of November, there will be "Vax Day" in the Houses of Health and the hospitals of the whole province, which in the case of Cona will be 9 and 16 from 9 to 13: "Vaccinarsi brings many advantages and is extremely important", says Massimo Gallerani, director of the inter-business medical department.

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