Sunday , June 13 2021

Tonight in Italy, the drama of Barbara Palombelli: "I have a son of color, the other day in the subway …"

A very hard and poignant wind, or of Barbara Palombelli during the conduct of his Tonight of Italy in Rai 1. The presenter actually spoke of his mother's fears. She is Francesco Rutelli They have a black child and revealed: "He says to me: Mom, for several months, look at me differently than underground. This breaks my heart as a mother, but generally as a citizen, because I tried to raise my child by showing you the winning models in football, in sports, in fashion. I tried to say: "Look, in many cases it is superior to us." Now I fight a lot. "In the study, among the guests too Rita da Igrexa, who showed to share the same fears of Palombelli: "I have a Cuban nephew, but he was born in Italy, so much so that he speaks of Catanzaro, I think about it in three years, every time he returns morally, I will think that maybe they could tell something at school . This is my biggest fear. The thing that hurts me the most. The Italians are not like that. We are welcoming, "concluded Dalla Chiesa.

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