Tumors eliminated in a second thanks to an electron beam


An Italian scientist did a discovery that could cure thousands of people with cancer. Thanks to the use of a device capable of "firing" an electron beam, generated by laser, it will be possible to burn some specific tumors in only one second. The system, patented by the nuclear physicist Gabriele Grittani, from the Eli-Beamlines research center in Dolni Brezany (Czech Republic), seems to be more effective in the fight against cancer, especially in the treatment of lung cancer and prostate cancer.

A more efficient, faster and cheaper system

"There is an essential prototype to initiate the experimental phase of a radiation therapy that represents a turning point in the field of cancer," explains Grittani. The advantages of this discovery are many. The electrons are faster and lighter than the protons used today. Therefore, an electron-based therapy is certainly faster, less invasive and even more economical. In addition, thanks to laser technology, the machine allows real-time monitoring of the position of the tumor, which implies a greater control of the therapy of the patients. "

The physicist escaped from Italy

Grittani, born in Bari, graduated from Pisa and then moved to Prague for a research doctorate and now works at the research center, developing new technologies based on laserplasma.

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