Friday , June 18 2021

When testing the first vaccine to treat celiac disease

It could represent the point of inflection for the people who suffer celiac disease, 600 thousand only in Italy: this is the first vaccine for the treatment of celiac disease, for which phase 2 of experimentation, but experts ask caution when warning that currently the only available treatment is still there gluten-free diet. The vaccine is called Nexvax2 and Australian researchers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital are about to start the new phase of experimentation with the inscription of 150 patients in the US U., Australia and New Zealand. The goal is to free patients from the diet of heavy gluten-free diet, protecting people with celiac disease from the negative effects of exposure to protein complex. The vaccine intends, in fact, to reprogram the the immune cells T lymphocytes that trigger the inflammatory response to gluten, thus suppressing the inflammation that is underlying the celiac pathology.

This experiment emphasizes the study coordinator Jason Tye-Din, of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, "it is important to establish a clinical trial on the effectiveness of a treatment against celiac disease, in addition to the gluten free diet regime. To date, gluten-free diet is the only treatment for celiac patients, but it is a complex and costly regime to maintain. In fact, even the most diligent patients can suffer serious adverse effects due to accidental exposure to gluten. " The study, he explains, "will then verify whether the Nexvax2 vaccine can" target "the immune response to gluten in people with celiac disease, modifying the symptoms associated with the disease." A step forward in Research, but prudence is indispensable, as underlined Marco Silano, Director of the Food, Nutrition and Health Unit of the Higher Institute of Health and coordinator of the Scientific Council ofItalian celiac association (AIC): "At present, it is not possible to predict whether the vaccine for the treatment of celiac disease will be available for large-scale use, let alone when".

The tolerance tests were only on time

In the short and medium term, he continues, "the gluten-free diet is the only treatment. The vaccine has been in development for several years and only current tests have been performed at the present time tolerability, and not yet clinical trials on celiac patients study their effectiveness to counteract glute toxicity. This phase of experimentation, for which the recruitment of patients began in the clinical centers of the EE. It is for a long time and with an uncertain outcome. Therefore, it is currently impossible to predict whether the vaccine will be available for use. "Meanwhile, a new study funded by the Celiac Disease Foundation has shown that I am virus They play an important role in the inflammation of the disease in genetically predisposed matters. A discovery that "in addition to contributing to the understanding of the mechanisms with which the disease develops," concludes the study coordinator Riccardo Troncone, of the Department of Translational Medical Sciences of the University Federico II of Naples, "will be useful to improve the diagnosis and predict the evolution of those who are at risk. "

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