Friday , June 18 2021

Xur is the one selling the weekend of November 9

The vertices Activision We are not happy with the sales of Destiny 2: The Renegades but a XURobviously It does not matter a dry fig and for that he regains a place in the Solar System with a new round of weapons and exotic armor for all Guardians with a full portfolio of Legend Fragments.

The longest narrator of the Age of the Traveler waits for us impatiently in the sulphurous cliffs to the northwest of the Joviano satellite area me mapped by raminghi da Torre as Giant affliction And, if we treat it well, it will remain there until the next restoration of the weekly activities of the science fiction shooter Bungie scheduled at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays November 13th.

The cunning of winter | Long gloves for assistants 23 legendary fragments

Prospector | Exotic Grenade Launcher | 29 legendary fragments

Spade of Ofide | Coffer armor for hunters 23 legendary fragments

Eonic safe | Armor of the coffer for the titans | 23 legendary fragments

In addition to the farewell rectory of armor and exotic weapons, this week Xur will try to be much more magnificent and allow us to obtain a Predominant Engram one modest figure of 97 legendary fragments (!!!).

The exorbitant price in Shards of Predestined Angstrose is justified by the possibility that the user uses it to acquire a weapon or armor of an exotic level not yet unlocked by its guardian.

To those who lost BlizzCon 2018, we remember finally that the PC version of Destination 2 It can be downloaded for free at up to November 18 and that, once the download is made, it will be possible to keep the title forever. During next week the new Iron Banner is scheduled to acquire eternal glory at the Crucible and, why not, some weapon and a special armor of Gentlemen of the Iron.

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