Tuesday , December 1 2020

Controversial consensus, Opposition party rejected for 3 consecutive weeks-Sankei News

Controversial party of the opposition of the general consul during three consecutive weeks

On 10, the House of Representatives of the Revision Commission of the Constitution postponed the holding of a secretariat to discuss the calendar and so on. President Eisuke Mori (the Liberal Democratic Party) decided to keep it in office, but a large opposition party, such as the Constitutional Democratic Party, refused to attend and went to an informal discussion meeting on the part of opposition parties such as the Liberal Democratic Party , the Komeito Party and the Japanese Restoration Association. The decision to delay the meeting of the secretariat was March 28, this month on the 3rd and 3 weeks following. The party leader in power, Mr. Yoshitaka Shindo (the Liberal Democrat Party) told reporters: "We are very sorry. If we do not reach the meeting place, we are very concerned about what we do" and we continue to consult the main opposition parties. It was shown an idea to call. Go to the list of political articles Related articles Executive Committee of the House of Representatives Committee on constitutional review It was decided to be held on 10th Mr. Takimin, or Mr. Takimoto, secretary of the Constitutional Court "This is great to do" Constitutional process, the opposition rejects the request Confusion deepens the constitutional judgment The ruling party demands a secretary, but the opposition party rejects it? Toshihiro Nikai, "if he calms" to urge the opposition party to attend the trial of the Constitution

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