Friday , June 18 2021

"Fate / Grand Order", "I know more and more about the manga! FGO" episode updated 67! – Akiba Research Institute

On the official website for the iOS / Android application "Fate / Grand Order", the 67th episode of the famous WEB book comic Mr. Lyo "Fate / Grand Order" is increasingly understood! "

On this occasion, we will present the 67th episode "Telling the corner" was released from "Fate / Grand Order, increasingly understood by sleeve" on the official website of "Fate / Grand Order."

<67º episodio "Suxerindo esquina" Sinopse>
A corner to recommend to FGO that started suddenly. However, the main character of the essence is totally absent.

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【Application Information】 In case
■ Destination / large order (destination / large order)
· Genre: FateRPG (Fate RPG) Currently available for sale on iOS / Android
· Development: DELiGHTWORKS Inc. (Delightworks Co., Ltd.)
· Price: basic free (with billing in the game)


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