Wednesday , January 20 2021

"Government special order" prefecture in the role of negotiations with the city of Shizuoka, cooperation without the search of Sankara News

"Government special order" prefecture, the search for cooperation without the role of negotiations with the city of Shizuoka Sankara News

The governor of Kawagata, prefecture of Shizuoka, announced on the 10th that he would promote political talks with the city of Shizuoka. We appoint the director of the department in charge of decentralization and the system of large cities as the "special duty" of the Governor and serve as a negotiation window with the city of Shizuoka. Governor Kawakatsu has a plan to establish a mechanism to coordinate policies that require cooperation between the prefecture and the city when discussing special petitions between the prefecture and the city, and asks the city to establish a negotiation window to plan communication without problems. Thought . If the side of the city wants, we will consider the office of the executive staff. Governor Kawakatsu said that "it is important to improve policy talks when it comes to the relationship between prefectures and cities, especially in the regular interview of this day," and stressed that it intends to deepen cooperation with the city of Shizuoka. However, on the meeting with Mayor Nobuhiro Tanabe, it is clear that there is no idea that "the meeting between the summits makes no sense unless you make a decision. It seems that they seek cooperation in the way the summits are not found the end, and there was no idea that there would be more opportunities to meet the mayor of Tanabe in places other than the main conversations. The list of political articles

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