Tuesday , December 1 2020

Governor of Tamaki Denny Okinawa, suggestion of acceptance of Osprey's deployment of Self-Force Force-Sankei News

Governor of Tamaki Denny Okinawa, acceptance of the acceptance of the Osprey deployment of the Sankara News Self-Defense Forces

Governor Tamaki Denny of the Okinawa Prefecture held a press conference on the 10th with the press club in Japan and asked what to do if the SDF deployed the take-off and vertical landing aircraft in the Okinawa Prefecture zone in the operation of the SDF and Operation in the military of the United States "I am aware that they are completely different," he immediately suggested an idea that he did not object. Mr. Tamaki opposes the deployment of the Osprey of the United States Army Futenma Air Station (Ginowan City in the same prefecture). Mr. Tamashiro is the reason why the SDS and US military implementations of the United States are different "(SDF is in civil control (community control). The deployment of the SDF in the scope of the Constitution and the United States Army is deployed, It is completely different from the operation in a situation where the noise prevention agreement is often broken. "He also mentioned that the US Navy Corps may be in Okinawa:" If the Japanese government is insistent on dissuading, we can consider the operation of the navy body due to domestic dissuasion. "The FDS may replace the function of the Navy Corps. Also mentioned. He said:" It is important for the government to think, explain and convince alternatives for the drafting of the alternative plan "on the wording of the original plan of the prefecture to replace the place of transfer of Noko City Henoko at the Futenma air station. Go to the list of political articles Related articles "Des anxiety expectation "The cabinet secretary, F35A falls and F35A" falls "and concludes that the Minister of Defense of Iwaya" makes all the power to save lives. "

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