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Is the interest of "Fallout 76" in "The online image"? B.E.T.A. Play the Lepo looking for the charm of multiplayer 【Special feature】 (Game Spark) – Yahoo! News

The latest work from the Bethesda Softworks series "Fallout 76" that was on sale on November 15. It has become the first online title of the series, I think fans are in a mixed sense of expectation and anxiety. Based on the experiences of B.E.T.A. (beta test), this article focuses on the "online similarity" of "Fallout 76" and will convey the charm of this work.

Great images to see in detail

※ This article was written based on version of the PC version.

◆ absence of NPC player and multiplayer

Let's start with the points that interest you as a preface. The fact that there is no NPC in this work drew attention from the previous information stage, especially the one I was talking about. I was one of the people who longed to be a player of the previous work. Certainly, although we come to the city, there are no people alive out of the players. Even if there is a corpse. To remember here, the theme of "Fallout 76" is "rebuild." The man who tried to settle down in the Appalachia as a desolate land remained muddy and only the vital trace remained.

Regarding this point, it is thought that players act as directors to act as one of those responsible for the reconstruction of the "destroyed world". In addition to the appeal of "Fallout" as before, we could try the powerful "Fallout" combined with a new element called multiplayer.

◆ Travel with friends

After finishing seeing the opening, the game starts from the room in "Vault 76", but there is already a different atmosphere. From anywhere I can hear English in a thin way. By default, it was what I heard while the internal configuration of "voice chat" was activated. If such an error is online. Of course, it is a useful function that can be used to communicate with teammates and with other people. A gesture is also provided so it can be confirmed from the trailer. Of the necessary things for clear gestures that do not understand the purpose, as well as adding new ones to atomic stores, is also an exclusive line charm.

When you complete the creation of characters and leave your room, other players are already swinging. I started playing with friends to explore "similarity online", so I decided to act together at this stage. In "Fallout 76", you can invite friends from the social function to the team and you can be part of there. On the other hand, the players who walk can also invite the party approaching. The members belonging to the team are highlighted on the map screen and can also benefit from several factors, such as sharing park cards according to the value of "CHARISMA" in "S.P.E.C.I.A.L."

Then, it goes straight away from the vault along the main search. The real feel of the game is almost the same as "Fallout 4", but as there are colleagues, it is an interesting thing along a detour, a diversion and a game. Sometimes we play instruments with other players, playing gestures, sometimes attacking and evolving towards PvP, but that's also fun. If you are knocked down in battle, you can relive if you have a teammate, but these elements are also unique online. Even if you died in the waiting period, you can be sure that you leave a small amount of lid and rubbish you have in place.

By the way, PvP goes out of level 5. When attacked in the condition of Stranger (by default), the damage is reduced and the attacked side is started to fight the system. There are ways you say that the "pacifism mode" does not harm others, so you can play with more peace by using it.

◆ Survival, crafts, barter! – The role play also shines

In this work, the parameters of "thirst" and "hungry" that were elements of the conventional survival mode remain unchanged. Eating "and" drinking "becomes important, in addition to the recovery of the battle, and necessarily procure food and drink. As for beverages, this work can attract dirty water (although it is slightly radiation-influenced), it can be safely drunk Cook it after boiling it, even on its own. That said, it's a laborious task. Foods also get safe things when cooking meat and plants available when they bring down animals, but because the kitchen requires a corresponding recipe, it often happens. That meat and plants get ……

Neglect gesture
There is a possible way to exchange them. Gestures also have something unique to the requests, so you can offer it even if you are not a friend, so you can do it with ease. You do not complain if the interest matches, but you can also do it with a maximum limit so you can do it as a one way business. Taking advantage of this, trying to sell water, seafood and earrings is another way to enjoy it.

Talking about role play, this job may require a craft park. Because it's online, it's one of the charms that use the weapons and armors we use, the repairs are often needed, and the real blacks go out to play the blacksmith. Otsuku is also what makes a personage specialized for craftsmanship and works as a blacksmith's partner.

C.A.M.P. developed the "supervisor".
Of course, once the kitchen requires equipment, you will need to deploy C.A.M.P. or finish in the city. As with the previous work, the same team can only be used by a person, then here too is a bit of creativity and interest as a seed of dispute.

How was it "Fallout 76" is the first online title of the series, because of mixed expectations and anxiety states (especially, besides the BETA testers), if this article is useful for those who suffer the word "multiplayer" I believe.

Although it is ahead of the release, "Fallout 76" is the scenario when B.E.T.A. it is still above. I was able to discover this feature within a limited game time, but I think there are many "only online" attractions that can not fit in this article. I found this type of fun! If you are interested, send it to the comments section.

"Fallout 76" will be released on November 15 for PS4 / Xbox One / PC.

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