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New iPad Pro (2018) very good Precedent to the previous version 9th year for the best way – Engadget version of Japan

First out of the package
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▲ Combined element, so the SIM pin is included as it is a mobile version Do not cross.

Data-dam-provider = ▲ See the enlarged image. As fast as described in USB-PD, the adapter can be made after 2019, is not it?

▲ Apple Pencil 2nd generation pack This time, The previous "Apple Pencil chip" is not included. Four preliminary parts can be purchased at 2200 yen (without taxes). There are no attachments because there is no other way to connect the loading method to the main body. It has become a simple structure.

In addition, it is not compatible with the old Apple Pencil. There is also a crayon (made by Logitech) for the unmarked generation of the iPad 6, but only the 2nd generation Apple Pencil can be used in the 2018 model of the iPad Pro. Apple's original pencil is designed to not match.

▲ followed by the Smart Keyboard Folio (12.9-inch version). The Japanese JIS will publish for the first time in Japan.

Previously it was possible to use a 12.9-inch keyboard with a 10.5-inch iPad Pro (industrial term: Nishida method), but this time we can not install them unless they are exclusive. The reason is that the position of the shape and the magnet do not match because the cover of the keyboard came to cover the full back.

The screen is bad

▲ It's a feeling of having a "big screen."

▲ The 12.9-inch model has the same screen size as the previous model (right), but the frame narrowed when the start buttons disappeared, so it became a smaller size.

The brightness of the screen is 600 nits and is the same as the 12.9-inch model, but the anti-reflective coating has changed. In partnership with True Tone, it's easy to see anywhere, and the bit rate, etc. It is also automatically adjusted by ProMotion, so it is surprising that the battery will not easily decrease even though it has a high brightness and large screen. Body weight is approximately 60 grams lighter than the previous model. Weight balance when held on hand is wonderful, I feel involuntarily light the size of the screen.

How much balance is good …

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<p>(I think it's better not to become a manager.) It can only be understood by Nokia enthusiasts of previous years, but what this means … There was a theory that terminals designed with beliefs will become independent. In the case of iPhone 4 and 4 S, 5, 5 s, it became independent. It can be a good conversation about anything.</p>
<p><img alt=
▲ I will return the story to the screen. The word "Liquid Retina" that came out for the first time on the iPhone XR …… We adopt the LCD full screen with rounded corners. The resolution of the 12.9-inch model is 264 dpi for 2732 × 2048 points (23 inches for 2388 × 1668 points). If you see a point, it's a superman.

Date-dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-20-2196968-1541252256512" data-caption = "data-caption =" iPad "data-credit = media-id =" 29acc05e-cce4-3ab1- b5ff-1ee5827f56d2 "data-original-url =" bdff - 8 d 3 3190 40 905 "data - title = "Engadget" src = "https: // media - mbst - pub - ue 1. s 3 ... / creatr - uploaded - images / 2018 - 11/84141 en 0 - df 6 d - 11 e 8 - 8d3319040905 "/> ▶ The screen area is almost the same as the 13-inch MacBook Pro.</p>
<p>To compare the size with the 11-inch model, see the photo posted on Twitter from the recital in NY.</p>
<blockquote class=

Comparison of 11 inches and 12.9 inches

– ACCN @ Engadget JP (@ ACCN) October 30, 2018

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▲ Since with iPhone, screenshots are "with corners". Here is the array of shipping icons (for your own note).

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▲ One of the pleasures of the new model is the specific model fund. In the new iPad Pro, 7 background points are added to the black background and 8 fixed images are added.

Integration with the UI with iPhone (X or later) is everywhere

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▲ Now you can wake up to sleep with a touch of screen (it may be tap with Apple Pencil). You can say "shuffle" from the bottom instead of the lost button of the house or adopt Face ID (unlock it with any orientation of the new iPad Pro), a unified feeling of use with the iPhone after X everywhere. Attention.

The start button has disappeared, the bezel has become stricter, it has become usable without much concern over the up / down and left / right, but once on the top (supposedly) the same sensor that the iPhone X series comes kind and with camera

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▶ If you do not play a strong light, you can not see clearly. It seems that the silver model bevel is no longer white, it will be the appearance of this area (iPhone also X and later, the frame has become black in all colors).

Is nose hair okay?

Date - dam - provider = "" date - local - id = "local - 16 - 916011 - 1541251914390" data - cred - - link = media-id = "03f44f93-d0da-3389-8773-69e5af96c8d0" date-original-url = " bd 7 e - 22 bd 0 fd 331 ff" data - title = "Engadget" src = " 1200% 2C 0% 2C 0, quality = 85 & format = jpg & resize = 800% 2 C 800 and image _ uri = http% /> ▲ The front camera has the same performance as the iPhone XS, although it is 12.9 inches, although the front camera has the same performance as the iPhone XS, although the front camera has the same performance that the iPhone XS, Looking at this is horrible, it seems to re-invent a mirror. The feeling of confronting me is terrifying.

<p><img alt=▲ Since with iPhone XS, portrait mode can be previewed in real time. For iPad Pro, only the front camera supports portraits.

Next I will look aside.


▲ 5.9 mm thin 1 mm thinner than the previous model. This 1mm has a considerable impact.

Given that the 11 inches are of the same thickness, 12.9 inches is greater. The fine effect is impressive. It is thinner than the iPhone XS (7.7mm). A magnet is buried in a gray portion in the form of a band, and Apple Pencil joins (the details will be described later). On the other hand, the SIM tray is located on the right side of the main body.

Engadget▲ Because the conversation has passed a long time, I will leave Mr. Ishino to talk about the SIM.

Unnecessary Bluetooth speaker theory

▲ The four speakers on the top and bottom change their roles according to the orientation of the screen and always maintain the stereo and sound effect on the entire screen. The bass will arrive soon and it will not be bad to say that volume and sound are the highest quality of the iPad.

Squash · Shutdown method

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▲ Just like the iPhone X and later, press the suspension and volume button simultaneously to capture the screen.

Data - prey data - provider = data "local" - id = "local - 2-9667273 - 1541239365832" data - data - caption = "" data from "" iPad Pro "- credit =" "data - credit - link - -media-id = "12b78992-fe14-3cdb-9ce6-da568b76c728" data-original-url = " - b 76 f - b 3 b 8 b 599 d 96 to "data - title =" Engadget "src =" -11 / 8e80db60-df4f-11e8-b76f -b 3 b 8 b 599 d 96 a "/><br />▲ The way to disconnect the power is also the same as that of iPhone X and later, the long press of the suspension button and the volume (up or down is possible).</p>
<p>The 3.5 mm headphone connector has disappeared. We use AirPods.</p>
<div style=Related: the headphone jack of the new iPad Pro finally disappears

And USB – C at the bottom!

▲ I really saw! There was a fear that it would become thicker (body) than Lightning, but it really implemented in a finer case than the iPhone in this way.

Related: the new iPad Pro is equipped with USB Lightning-C Farewell terminal

This allows you to read images from digital cameras that can only be made through adapters on the conventional iPad and go out to external screens with a USB-C (the latter is compatible with Thunderbolt). One can say that it is a breakthrough that compensates for the deficiencies of the iPad, which could not perfectly replace the PC.

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▲ You can load a large amount of images in a digital camera with a single lens in one touch via USB – C. It is also possible to select between thumbnails and read.

Type C is used

I have the feeling that Okiri will start, but first we will connect the iPhone obediently.

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▲ I heard the sound of load start that I heard the familiar picon ♪, and the power supply for the iPhone started from the iPad. At the same time, you're ready to load the images saved on the iPhone. Of course, you can connect the iPhone just to load.

What happens when the Android smartphone is connected?

While I thought I could get angry (in the iPad), I could not help trying it …

▲ When you connect Galaxy Note 9 to iPad Pro with a USB cable – C … … do not get angry, but the Galaxy load on iPad started. Although you choose the elements that appear on the Galaxy side, nothing happens in particular.

▲ If you choose Transfer files with USB options of the Galaxy, the iPad can now be Galaxy. However, it was impossible to read the image. Try this on another smartphone.

Data-local-id = "local-3-7448776-1541401174912" data-dam-provider = "" data-dam-provider = "" data-cred- media-id = "6000abfd-48e6-3a34-ad11-f67ff9a149c3" date-original-url = " a7 d 5 - b 4 a 18 78 5 75 4 3" data - title = "Engadget" src = " 287% 2C 0% 2C 0, quality = 85 and format == jpg and resize = 1100% 2 C 800 & ameage_uri = https% 3 To% 2F% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2018-11% 2F472d43f0-e0c8-11e8-a7d5-b4a187857543 & cliente = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 7120f170ccd485ad7ce0acc2e8c055eeb26029f5 "/> ▲ If you select the transfer of files with Pixel 3, however, the thumbnail that will appear on the iPhone in a moment will not be displayed even on hold until ... It is rare that it is fine if it is a digital camera.</p>
<h2>What happens when you connect another iPad?</h2>
<p><img alt=▲ I was persistent, I could not help trying that. The result was exactly the same behavior as the iPhone. Since it is faster than AirDrop, it seems to be useful when there are many images to transfer.

He spoke of it, but on the back …

▲ The camera is slightly protruding, but a true case is placed, it will only fit.

Although it is compatible with smart HDR, the optical image stabilization suitable for the previous model has disappeared. I think that it is a sufficient return because it will be the main use of AR. First, take a picture on a tablet, do not do anything …

Saying this, I take it

▲ The left is iPad Pro, the right one with the back camera of the iPhone XS. It's a meeting scene with Professor Suzuki Manga, a cartoonist. The angle of vision varies because the lenses used are different, but I am taking a long time.

How about

▲ Also by left the iPad Pro. It's pretty intense. Like letters and details of Pencil, XS is solid.

What is the difference between the mobile version and the Wi-Fi version?

▲ line D … is it old? The character minus the line "I" (?) From "D" is the mobile version up and down, the Wi-Fi version only has the bottom part.

▲ The left is a Wi-Fi version. The mobile version has a line that extends to the side. By way of example, the integrated GPS only becomes the mobile version.

Convenient handling of Apple pencil

Date - dam - provider =
▲ Only a good time, the weight became Apple Pencil. The price is 10,500 yen (without taxes).

Although the first generation had a special feeling of things, this time Apple Pencil does not change the look of appearance, as well as the pen of a letter paper in general. Partially flat due to contactless cargo, it became difficult to roll. The built-in chip is the same as the first generation, but overall usability is something completely different.

Date - dam - provider = data
▲ The initial link was made by inserting it into Lightning so far, but it was only attached to the top.

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▲ Using two magnets, install it so it will lock in perfectly in a fixed position and load from iPad Pro to Apple Pencil. The left or right direction is fine, so people with lefts are also safe.

The function of the pen is also up

▲ As the glass of the iPad Pro has become thinner, the distance between the tip of the pen and the screen has been further reduced, as if the tip of the pen had directly touched the paper. Follow a fine movement.

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▲ Apple Pencil を ダ ブ ル タ ッ プ す る こ と で, 機能 を 切 り 替 え ら れ よ う に な り ま し た (カ ス タ ム 可).

い ち い ち メ ニ ュ ー な ど か ら ツ ー ル を 呼 び 出 さ ず に 済 む の で, 作業 効率 が グ ン と 上 が り ま す. サ ー ド パ ー テ ィ 製 ア プ リ で も (対 応 し て い れ ば) こ の 機能 を 利用 で き ま す. 誤解 し が ち で す が, ダ ブ ル タ ッ プ は ペ ン の平 ら な 部分 で 行 な う 必要 は な く, ど こ で も 反 応 し ま す. 誤操作 に つ な が ら な い よ う 考慮 さ れ て お り, 例 え ば apple pencil を 指 で ク ル ク ル 回 し た り し た り, 置 い た と き な ど に ダ ブ ル タ ッ プ と 誤認 し な い よ う に 設計 さ れ て いま す.

洗練 さ れ た Smart Keyboard

Engadget "data-caption =" iPad "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-34-5981441-1541257722354 " media-id = "b1f872a8-d1f0-3acf-9001-647f53e98198" date-original-url = " beff-4f81f7c27108 "data-title =" Engadget "src =" 4f81f7c27108 "/><br />▲ 従 来 の キ ー ボ ー ド カ バ ー か ら 構造 を 大幅 に 変 更 し, よ り 安定 し た 状態 で 使 え よ う に な り ま し た.</p>
<h2>膝上 OK!</h2>
<p><img alt=Engadget "data-caption =" iPad "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-36-9796203-1541257722363 " media-id = "4f73ffd3-ec12-3457-aaff-e2f50867d336" data-original-url = " 9bfb-cf1221f3077e "data-title =" Engadget "src =" cf1221f3077e "/><br />▲ 日本語 キ ー ボ ー ド (JIS) の ほ か, 英語 な ど 7 ヵ 国語 版 か ら 選 択 で き ま す. 価 格 い ず れ も 2 万 2800 円 (税 別).</p>
<p><img alt=▲ iPad Pro の 背面 に あ る 専 用 端子 で 接 続 し ま す .102 個 も の マ グ ネ ッ ト が 内 蔵 さ れ て お り, 位置 と 方向 が 定 ま る 仕 組 み に な っ て い る た め, 端子 の 位置 を 気 に せ ず 正常 な 位置 に ピ タ ッ と く っ つ きま す.

キ ー ボ ー ド の な い 純正 カ バ ー, Smart Folio も 同 じ 仕 組 み で く っ つ き ま す. 背面 を 守 っ て く れ る よ う に な っ た の は い い で す ね. キ ー ボ ー ド は グ レ イ の み で す が, Smart Folio は ホ ワ イ ト も あ り ま す. 価 格 は 1 万 1800 円(税 別) .Smart Folio, 11 イ ン チ ョ ン ク も あ る の で す が …

Engadget "data-caption =" iPad Pro 2018 "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-2-6836831-1541176677974 " data-media-id = "f5e195e0-8ffc-3c45-9b8a-8a9d788d346b" data-original-url = " 11e8-a6ff-e43863b12b8b "data-title =" Engadget "src =" a6ff-e43863b12b8b "/><br />▲ 閉 じ た と き の 段 差 が な く な り, 厚 み も 気 に な ら な く な り ま し た. 以前 ​​は す る と ん と ん と ん け て し た が, 今 回 は コ レ イ ン で す ん け そ う で す.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ キ ー ボ ー ド を 使 わ な い と き は 後 ろ に 回 し ま す. こ の 状態 で 指 で キ ー を 押 し て も, 入 力 さ れ な い よ う に な っ て い ま す.

Engadget "data-caption =" iPad "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-37-4586319-1541257722367 " media-id = "76ede274-b071-3de4-9720-d4929d564f71" data-original-url = " 9dfe-39835e8e8417 "data-title =" Engadget "src =" 39835e8e8417 "/><br />▲ 角度 は 溝 で 2 段 階 に 調整 で き ま す.</p>
<h2>持 ち 上 げ て も 大丈夫</h2>
<p><img alt=▲ 溝 に も マ グ ネ ッ プ が 仕 込 ま れ て お り, し っ か り と 固定 さ れ ま す.

肝 心 の タ イ ピ ン グ は …

Engadget "data-caption =" iPad Pro 2018 "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-4-4296830-1541176677979 " data-media-id = "c7635a4c-1397-3e11-b47d-e4972560a7f4" data-original-url = " 11e8-b675-325fb5d95448 "data-title =" Engadget "src =" b675-325fb5d95448 "/><br />▲ 個人 的 に は iOS の 変 換 効率 に ま だ 改善 の 余地 あ り と 考 え ま す が, キ ー チ ー ド と し て は か っ か り で す が し て で す が, NY の 発 表 会 で 触 っ た MacBook Air よ り も 快 適 に 感 じ ま した.</p>
<h2>9 年 目 に し て 読 極 形態 に</h2>
<p>Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Folio と い っ た 周 辺 機器 と の シ ス テ ム 統 合 が よ り 進化 し, 洗練 さ れ た 印象 を 受 け ま す. ペ ン の 充電 方法 も キ ー ボ ー ド の 形状 も, ど う 考 え て も 今 回 の ほ う が デ キ が い い で す か ら ね. 本体だ け で も (ペ ン タ ー チ ー チ ー ら な い と う 人 で も) オ ス ス タ ー が た く さ ん あ り ま す.</p>
<div style=関 連: 新 iPad Pro は 「3 点 セ ッ ト」 じ ゃ な い と 意味 ナ シ?

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