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Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi, the main negotiations agree to activate the alliance | Reuters

On January 31, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Renault Buddha and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, forming a coalition of the alliance, held the first talks after the creation of the new management structure of Renault. Launched on Saturday 15 (2019 Reuters / CHRISTIAN HARTMANN)

TOKYO (Reuters) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.7201.T.), Renault Buddha (RENA.PA), Mitsubishi Motors (7211.T.) Conducted the first major talks on January 31 after the new management structure of Renault was established. Between Renault and Nissan continue the underwater negotiations around the review of capital relations, etc., but this time three companies agreed to confirm the importance of the alliance (objective) and strengthen the alliance I made.

The main negotiations took place in line with the regular alliance meeting held at Renault / Nissan B.V. (RNBV), headquarters of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The president and CEO of Hiroto Nishikawa, Nissan Hiroshi Nishikawa, CEO of Thierry Borolé of Renault, Mr. Masuko Mashiko, CEO and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., met and discussed with President Nishikawa and the new President Snarl. It is likely that the first negotiations between Nissan and Renault were also set.

Mr. Mashiko of Mitsubishi, who participated in the videoconferencing in Japan, said last night, told reporters that at a meeting with President Boris Nishikawa and CEO, "we will aim for a greater activation of the alliance." Mashiko, the president of Mr. Sennard and Mr. Senar, said they had made a telephone conversation with Mr. Mitsubishi and Renault, they said they confirmed "the importance of the alliance" among them.

In regular meetings, President Nishikawa, new CEO of Borole de Renault and new president of Senar, met with the president of Mashiko Mitsuko.

According to Mashiko, the meeting was not presented with the themes of the management structure such as Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi being included in the holding and senior management personnel of the controlling company.

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